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Are your dog's teeth showing

When you got your dog, did you ever believe that you would be discussing your dog's teeth? Well, some dogs have a misalignment or commonly know as malocclusion, meaning that the bite does not fit right. This condition usually get is worse as the dog gets older.

By the time a puppy is about 6 months old he should have about 28 teeth. Those teeth are sharp and pointy so make sure your small children are careful while playing with a puppy. By the time the puppy reaches adulthood, he should have 42 teeth.

One of the side effects of this problem is that the dog might have problems picking up or chewing food. Best to have your vet check it out to assure you that your puppy does not run the risk of a fracture or wear on the teeth. Many times this condition has minimal effect with the dog eating.

We have all heard of an overbite, underbite. You will notice this mostly when your dogs closes his mouth and his teeth do not meet which creates a gap. However, the scissor bite malocclusion is one that you will not see in the flat faced dog family.

A common malocclusion in most dogs is the scissor bite. However, the Shih Tsuz, Lhasa Apsos and the250px-chowchow Boxer breed are born without the scissor bite. Therefore, when looking for a dog like this, you definitely want to make sure they do not have the scissor bite.

When the upper jaw is longer than the lower one, it creates an overbite. When the mouth is closed, a gap is formed between the upper and lower incisors. In puppies, if the gap is not to large, it can sometimes fix itself usually by 10-months.

Your dog's overbite may worsen as the permanent teeth come in because they are larger and can damage the soft parts of the mouth. Teeth extractions are sometimes necessary. Just check with your vet if you are concerned or notice that the dog is not eating.

You may want to consult a specialist for those severe cases. I bet you never thought you would hear this; yes in recent years, braces are being made for puppies to help in the realignment of their teeth. What will they think of next, doggy contacts to change their eye color

I do feel we owe it to our pets to make their life comfortable. Be consistent with their checkups and vaccinations to extend the life of your dog. After all, they are your family too.

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