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Arthritis in dogs - Your dog may be suffering

Dog arthritis can be caused by injury, congenital defects, or aging. Surprisingly, injury is a major cause of arthritis in dogs, and therefore affects many younger dogs. Quite minor injuries can result in the condition. A predisposition to conditions such as hip dysplasia can cause early onset of an arthritic condition in dogs. Older dogs who have never suffered an injury are likely to develop arthritis as they age.

There are many forms of arthritis in dogs that can create pain. As in the case of humans, dog arthritis is an inflammation of a joint or joints. Anywhere a dog has a joint they can have arthritis. The cartilage in the joint may be inflamed, but it can also be joint fluid causing the issues within the bones. The main types of arthritis in dogs are osteoarthritis, immune mediated, infective, and idiopathic arthritis.

Dog arthritis begins as a gradual limpness in the affected limb or limbs and may progress to lameness. An advanced case will reveal itself as a dog that is less active in play, on walks and generally has difficulty walking. The stiffness and pain are more likely to be pronounced in the morning or after a nap, when the dog has been sleeping in the same position for some time. During the day when the dog is most active, the pain is generally minimal. An arthritic dog will usually experience pain when their legs are touched near the inflamed joint. The will usually be swelling in this area, but it may not be visible to an unaided eye.

There is arthritis medicine for dogs that will help treat the inflammation. However, many dog owners find that natural treatments for arthritis in dogs are more helpful. Glucosamine for dogs and MSM for dogs are two popular natural ingredients for dog arthritis treatments (and arthritis treatments for humans, as well). In fact, many experts are of the view that there are three essential ingredients for an effective natural arthritis treatment - glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM.

Glucosamine is an amino sugar that occurs naturally in the body. However, the aging process is thought to diminish the body's ability to produce sufficient glucosamine for the body's needs. Glucosamine is not found in any primary food source, but is derived from the shell of shellfish. It has anti inflammatory properties that can be very effective in managing osteoarthritis in both humans and animals.

Many times, just a change in diet can be enough to treat the symptoms of arthritis in dogs. Especially in tandem with exercise, diet can relieve arthritis in many dogs. Just as in humans, obesity can lead to arthritis. If the animal is kept at a healthy weight, then much of the pain of arthritis will simply disappear.

However, arthritis remedies of various sorts may be needed along with a change of diet in order to manage the pain and other symptoms of dog arthritis.

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