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Boston Terrier health problems: Things to look out for

The Boston Terrier is one of the few dogs that are purebred American dog; it has the adorable nickname American Gentleman. Unfortunately there are some common Boston Terrier health problems that can cause you a lot of pain and not to mention the vet bills that you can run up taking your beloved pet to the vet. One of the less serious things that can affect your Boston Terrier is gas, as in flatulence. It's really not a laughing matter since these little dogs can cause quite a stink.

Both these problems are down to the physical build of the dogs. The respiratory problems result from the shortened muzzles of the Boston Terrier. The protruding eyes of the Boston Terrier can also result in problems. Part of Boston Terrier care means using the right types of collars and checking the eyes regularly for grass seeds. Boston Terriers are also sensitive to extreme temperatures; your Boston Terrier does not like extremely hot or cold weather.

There is no real way to avoid the gassiness that affects most Boston Terriers. However this is one of those Boston Terrier health problems that have a solution. To cut down on the smell, feed your dog a natural food diet. This means no kibble or sloppy canned food. Feed your dog a diet that includes meat, rice, and potatoes with no trace of corn or wheat and you will find that this problem is reduced significantly.

In the case of some Boston Terrier health problems part of the Boston Terrier care will involve surgery. Surgery of any kind is expensive and so you should think about this carefully before buying a Boston Terrier. Juvenile cataracts can develop in young Boston Terriers and although an operation can remove them it is expensive. Certain surgeries may need to be performed to the joints of these dogs so find out if the parents of the puppies have joint problems that need to be corrected with surgery.

Having a natural diet improves the overall health of your pet. It is also a much safer diet when you think about all the pet food recalls that there have been lately. When you are in charge of feeding your dog you are in charge of your dog's health. Besides feeding your dog a natural diet you should also speak to your vet about what to expect in the way of Boston Terrier health problems.

Your vet will be able to give you a list of warning signs to look out for in your Boston Terrier and better prepare you for what is involved with Boston Terrier care. The type of vet you select is also very important, whether you choose a traditional vet who uses conventional medicine and drugs or a vet who practices holistic veterinary medicine where drugs are used only when necessary.

Research both practices and see which one you are most comfortable with.

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