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Build it yourself dog house

The dog owner who wants to build a dog house may want to look for a build it yourself dog house kit. These dog house kits contain the components necessary to build your own dog house. If dog owners want to build customized dog houses, they can look for instructions or dog house plans on the Internet.

One important consideration when building a dog house is the size of the dog. The total size of the dog house and the opening should comfortably be the appropriate size for the dog. If the dog house is being built for a puppy, the dog owner may want to build the dog house for the expected size of the puppy once it is grown.

The materials for the dog house need to be weatherized since the dog house will be exposed to rain and any other weather conditions for that area. Cedar is considered a good choice for a dog house.

Several build it yourself dog house plans start with six wood panels, one for the floor, one for the roof, and four for the walls. The panels may be insulated to help the dog be warm in winter.

When determining the measurements of the dog house, some build it yourself dog house plans call for the front and back walls to be the same size and the side walls to be the same. The only usual difference between the front and back walls is that the entrance is cut out of the front wall.

For a flat roof, the top edge of the sides of the dog house needs to be slanted towards the rear of the dog house and the front wall needs to be taller than the rear wall. Flat roofs should be built on an incline to prevent water from pooling on the roof.

Many dog house designs have smaller front and back walls than the sides, but this limits the placement of the entrance. Some dog house instructions suggest that the entrance be cut off center to give the dog some relief from rain and wind.

It is a good idea to elevate the dog house a couple inches from the ground. If the floor of the dog house is setting on the ground, rain water can enter the dog house. A floor on the ground can also be effected by moisture from the ground.

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