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Buying premium pet foods is the guaranteed brilliant choice

A dog is more than just a pet for most people; a dog is a companion, a friend, and better yet a playmate. There are a lot of things you can do to show your dog you care, but nothing is more caring than feeding your canine buddy a premium dog food.

As responsible dog owners, you know the importance of choosing healthy foods for your pet. Low quality ingredients, which are often found in cheaper brands, are avoided by premium brands that provide nutritional and health benefits.

Some pet owners may find the cost involved prohibitive to feed their pet these super premium dog foods on a long term basis, but this is really a false economy. The suffering of your pet and the vet bills resulting from poor nutrition make these foods a bargain.

Fortunately there are many healthy dog foods on the market that are affordable. You can find very expensive natural premium dog foods, but most dog lovers will find several premium dog food choices to fit their budget.

What really matters is the the food is free of by products and fillers. A premium food such as Natural Balance Potato and Duck for instance, is made with real meat. The first ingredients in the list are potato and duck, not duck byproducts and corn!

The ultra premium dog foods are the best that are found in the market. Most pet owners start off with premium puppy food based on what they read are the top ten best selling dog foods, but what is actually being fed to their pet?

When shopping for dog foods compare labels of the top brands, and you will see that no matter if its kibble or canned, they are well below nutrition guidelines for a healthy pet.

Premium brands offer everything imaginable in canned and bagged foods. One brand that manufactures a range of wet and dry products for the various life stages of a dog is Newmans Own.

Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Fish dog food has, as the first three ingredients, sweet potato, salmon and salmon meal. When you buy a premium dog food like Natural Balance you can rest assured that you are buying real food that will nurture your pet, not food processing by-products that will just be a burden to his digestive and immune processes.

Most importantly though, when you buy premium dog food, you need to be certain that the contained ingredients are not byproducts or corn, but that the food is primarily human grade meat.

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