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Care of the Shar Pei puppy

The Shar Pei puppy is quickly becoming recognized as one of the most desirable breeds in the world. With their sweet tempered nature, and their fierce loyalty, the Shar Pei puppy is one of the most ideal breeds for any family with children. The unusual appearance of the Shar Pei, with their large folds across the face and body, often conjures images of aggression, making the Shar Pei one of the most misunderstood dogs in history.

And yet, as sweet-tempered as this dog may be, it would seem that few have recognized its redeeming qualities. Once named the most rare dog breed in the world, the Shar Pei puppy has only gained recognition from the American Kennel Club since 1991. But happily, the Shar Pei puppy is slowly becoming more and more sought after, as more people realize that this gentle breed's temperament more than makes up for its unusual appearance.

But, as more and more breeders turn their attentions to bringing Shar Pei puppies into the world, more and more people are finding themselves falling in love with the unusual looking breed. There are three different coat styles that you will find on the Shar Pei puppy.

The most popular Shar Pei puppy colors are red, blue, black and sand. The Shar Pei comes in three different coat styles, horse, brush and bear. However, only the horse and brush coats are considered acceptable for show.

Irresponsible breeding practices have made the Shar Pei puppy more prone to certain health conditions that do not plague other dogs. A certain condition known as entropion causes the Shar Pei puppy's eyelashes to grow inward instead of out. While this can be corrected through surgery, it is far more responsible to simply do your research to find a reliable breeder who doesn't breed the same puppy stock over and over again. Talk to your vet if you aren't sure where to find a good breeder.

But owning a Shar Pei puppy is not without its disadvantages. The Shar Pei is prone to certain health conditions, such as skin and vision problems, which have been brought about by irresponsible breeding practices.

Although there are surgeries and specially formulated dry foods that one can invest in to help correct these problems, it is far better to make certain that you are buying your new Shar Pei puppy from a respectable breeder in the first place.

There's never been a better time to purchase a new Shar Pei puppy than now. With more and more people learning what a great dog the Shar Pei really is, there is more support now for Shar Pei puppy owners than ever before. These lovable pups make the perfect addition to any family, and with the right care, will provide you and your family with companionship for many, many years.

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