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Caring for your small dog - guidelines

Size doesn't matter that much with canines and caring for a small dog is pretty much the same as a big one. Having said that, there are certain points they need to be made when looking after a small dog. Listed below are just some of the normal daily routines that will need to be amended to suit a tiny canine.

Feeding time:

The dog needs to be fed daily but the kibble you get at the grocery could be too big and the dog may not feel very comfortable eating it. You'll need to be sure to buy a kibble designed to fit his smaller mouth (these are easy to find among the premium dog food brands). Canned soft foods are also perfectly suitable for tiny canines however hard kibble is better for their teeth.

Where they will stay - safely:

A few staple needs for any dog include exercise, some confidential outdoor venue for potty and a protected area for security. Smaller dogs are much more nimble that larger dogs and what might be a secure environment for one is not necessarily for the other. It is also important to remember that fences can not provide top protection where you might find hawks eyeing your tiny pet as they are known to come down fast and sweep away very small dogs and puppies. Hence, get your pet a kennel which is covered on the top for the right protection.

Training to obey commands:

Dog professionals tend to agree that tiny dogs are no more trouble to train than their larger cousins however owners have a history of treating them in a way that spoils them and makes it more difficult. However tiny your dog may be, the small dog is still a follower of pack behavior where the important thing to remember is that you do not lead the pack, the dog does. It's a wise idea to make sure your pet is thoroughly house trained, no matter how small and inconsequential the mess might seem when he misses. Dog experts also suggest you make your dog work for you, to keep him responsive to your rules. for a small reward or treat.

His appearance:

Small dogs have some particular requirements when it comes to grooming you need to bear in mind. These diminutive pets usually require more frequent nail trimming than larger dogs, because they typically spend less time on rough surfaces wearing them down. You'll also need to brush his or her teeth twice a week if you're feeding a soft canned food diet. As you can see, small dog care largely follows the same route as care for any other sized dog. While each requirement may seem small and insignificant, but when you do it with earnestness, it can make a huge difference in the way you keep a dog.

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