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Chihuahua problems you can expect

When you bring your new Chihuahua home you should be expecting to encounter a certain amount of Chihuahua problems with your new dog. Some problems are behavioral and others are just because of the way they are made. Then there are the problems that come up from bad breeders that do not understand what a healthy and good Chihuahua is supposed to be like and they are only in it to make money. Any of these problems can sneak up on you and make your life difficult if you don't know what to watch for.

First and foremost Chihuahuas are not good pets for children. All of the commotion, loud noises and sudden movements that are associated with kids will cause a lot of stress for a Chihuahua and could lead to a biting reaction. Plus the Chihuahua is a fragile dog that cannot take the physical abuse that a child is destined to give it. So if you are planning on getting a Chihuahua for your kids then you may want to think again.

Be wary of a breeder that tries to sell you a Chihuahua that is four pounds or less. One of the biggest Chihuahua problems is the misconception that the cute little Chihuahuas that fit in teacups make the cutest little pets. Chihuahuas that are bred to be four pounds or less are unhealthy animals and very fragile.

Their bones cannot withstand much stress and a simple jump from the back of the couch to the floor can cause a bone to break. So be suspicious of a breeder that tries to sell you a tea cup Chihuahua because no such healthy animal exists.

It is common knowledge among Chihuahua owners that probably one of the most frustrating Chihuahua problems is housebreaking. Chihuahuas hate the elements like rain and snow and will not go outside when the weather is not the best, and that can make relieving themselves where you want them to very difficult.

Some owners are forced to abandon housebreaking and resort to a full time litter box, which can introduce a whole new set of problems unto itself.

Not every Chihuahua is the same so not every rule applies to every Chihuahua. Some Chihuahuas will make the most loyal dogs you have ever seen while others will never listen to a thing you say. You are going to need to spend a lot of time with your dog to figure out what their personality is like and what kind of training they will respond to.

You are going to have to spend a lot of time with your Chihuahua, not only trying to get it to understand what you want it to do but also just learning what kind of personality your dog has so you know what training approaches to try.

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