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Compare heartworm medicine for pet lovers complete peace of mind

Heartworms can spell disaster for your pet, so how do you know what symptoms to look for?  The most worrying aspect of heartworm is that the animal shows almost no symptoms until things are actually very serious.  While the accumulation of heartworms in internal organs does eventually become visible on x-ray, the diagnosis is usually made through a blood test. After a heartworm infestation diagnosis is made, the course of treatment then needs to be decided upon.

Typically heartworms are treated over a long period of time using an arsenic based medication. This treatment is not without serious risks to the dog, however. Pulmonary embolisms have been reported and occasionally surgical intervention is needed to clear the atrium of the heart.

Heartworms are by far the most dangerous parasite that you dog can pick up. There is a wide range of medications available to help protect your dog from heartworms. We have created an information page on the most popular heartworm preventatives available today to help you decide which is best for your dog.

The best flea control products available can be somewhat easier to determine, as fleas are such an abundant parasite and a problem for most animals. Advantage is probably the most popular flea control product available and is usually the first one that comes to mind when one is faced with a flea infestation. So what is the heartworm prevention equivalent to flea control giant, Advantage?

This will be a summary of some of the more popular brands of heartworm preventative for your dog; however, you should visit our brand pages and the individual product websites to complete your research. A number of heartworm prevention products available today also help to protect your pet from other parasites.

In addition to preventing heartworm infestation, Interceptor also protects your pet from roundworms, hookworms and whipworms.

Heartgard Plus provides a safeguard against hookworms and roundworms, in addition to heartworms. Sentinel covers a striking five parasites: heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and fleas! The addition of an extra ingredient can turn a heartworm preventative medication into a flea treatment as well.

You should now be able to see that there are many options available to protect your dog from heartworms.

If you really want to provide the best protection for your dog, do not settle for one of the many generic heartworm treatments that are available on the market today; choose a brand that is reliable from a reputable manufacturer. Heartgard heartworm prevention medication or Revolution heartworm preventative (with the addition of a flea control ingredient) are a couple of the good options available.

Generic heartworm preventative medications may be as effective as the name brands, but what if they are not? If your dog's health worth the risk? Deciding on a brand name heartworm preventative medication will give you that peace of mind.

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