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Deadly indoor and outdoor plants harmful to dogs

Many dog owners don’t consider that harmless little house and garden plants may be a potential source of danger to your dog or puppy. Usually poisonous plants are more deadly to small puppies, but some plants, even in small amounts, can be toxic to dogs of any size. By taking the time to understand the various plants and their levels of toxicity for dogs you can avoid costly vet bills and even more serious conditions.

Depending on the type of plant either the leaves, stems, bark, roots or fruit can be toxic. Some plants are only toxic at various times in their growth stage whereas others are always poisonous. For information on each type of plant the internet, your vet, or even a plant and gardening book is great resource.

Garden Plants

Believe it or not some of the most common garden plants are also the most deadly. Tomato plants, both the leaves and the stems, can be toxic to dogs. St. John’s Wort, an herbal plant, is very toxic leading to vomiting and seizures. Other garden plants that can be problematic include:

· Apricot

· Avocado

· Black Cherry

· Black Walnuts

· Castor Beans

· Catnip

· Chokecherry

· Eggplant

· Garlic

· Mushrooms

· Mustard plants/greens

· Onion

· Peach

· Plum

· Potato

· Pokeweed

· Spinach

Fencing the garden area or monitoring if the dog is actually eating the plants within the garden is important. When in doubt completely isolating the garden from the area the dog is kept is a great idea.

Ornamental Outdoor Plants

Everyone loves to have their yard area looking great, but not at the expense of his or her animals becoming ill. Some of the showiest of the flowering plants are also the most deadly, including Oleander and many of the flowering shrubs. The list of the most common flowering and ornamental plants that are frequently found in gardens are:

· Amaryllis

· Baby’s Breath

· Bird of Paradise

· Black Eyed Susan

· Bleeding Heart

· Bluebonnet

· Boston Ivy

· Calla Lilly

· Chrysanthemums

· Cyclamen

· Daffodil

· Daisy

· Elephant Ear

· Easter Lilly

· Ferns

· Flamingo plant

· Geranium

· Honeysuckle

· Hyacinth

· Hydrangea

· Ivy

· Jade plant

· Lantana

· Larkspur

· Marigolds

· Morning Glory

· Peony

· Primrose

· Rhododendron

· Tiger Lily

· Yucca

There are many other beautiful garden flower that can also be deadly, so be sure to check with the nursery or garden shop before planting them in the same area that you are planning on keeping your dog.

Indoor Plants

Many of the houseplants including ferns, dieffenbachia, pothos, ivy, philodendron, and even poinsettias are very toxic to dogs. Corn plant, peace lilies and any of the ornamental tobacco plants can be very dangerous for both full-grown dogs and puppies.

If you think that your dog may have consumed a poisonous or potentially poisonous plant immediately get them to the vet. Bring a small amount of the plant with you, including the leaf and the flower, to help with identification.

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