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Dog allergy remedies for your pet dog

Watching your dog suffer from allergies is such a painful moment in anyone's life. The itching and the scratching and the irritation - you feel so sorry for the poor animal. So what do you? You feel so helpless! But there are some great home remedies that can give your dog relief from his dog allergies.

Dog allergies are just as extensive as human allergies. They can come from food and from the external environment like dust and fleas. Dogs are also prone to seasonal allergies which will subside after a certain pollen fertilization season has passed. The symptoms are generally either sneezing or itching and skin irritation. This itching and scratching can go to such severe lengths that your dog can even begin to lose its fur.

To relieve your dog from these allergy outbreaks, the best thing you can do is give the pet a colloidal oatmeal bath in cool water. This helps the irritation of skin and relieves the itching.

If you find that your dog is licking and scratching at its paws then it is because these are normally itching even more excessively during an allergy outbreak. If this is the case consider giving your pet an Epsom salts bath. But watch closely until the bath is over just in case your dog tries to drink the water. Many times dog allergies are caused by such simple things as changing the material used for your dog bedding. Some dogs might be allergic to the kind of cloth you use. Try changing that to alleviate the allergy symptoms.

Food allergies are a major cause for dog allergies. Your dog may be allergic one of the ingredients in the food you are feeding to your pet. In this case it is a good idea to try eliminating one or two elements from the dog's food and see if that helps. You can also use dog foods that have hydrolyzed proteins - these are foods with the elements broken down into such small portions that they can not cause allergy. This way they can help your dog be healthy again. If using this kind of food works for your dog than it is a good idea to get your dog checked out for what food he is allergic to. You can refer to a vet to achieve that.

These tips will provide your dog relief and give you the pleasure of being with a happy animal. But is symptoms persist, you should head to the vet as soon as possible.

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