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Dog bed - Exceptional comfort for older dogs

While you may have memory foam in place to give yourself a more comfortable night’s sleep, have you ever considered memory foam for your dog's bed? Whether you have a young dog that you like to pamper, or an older dog who’s finding getting around a little tougher day by day, a memory foam dog bed may be the perfect answer for your pets comfort.

For young dogs, a memory foam dog bed is just going to be a bed he or she will appreciate as an extra comfortable, cushy bed. There is one important thing to think of before purchasing a memory foam dog bed for a young dog. Make sure your dog is through any teething and chewing phases. Memory foam can be quite costly, and it will be a waste of money if your dog is going to chew it up over a few days.

For older dogs, a memory foam bed can be a great way to allow your dog a comfortable night’s sleep.

Think about how your body has changed over the years. Each year it seems like a few more muscles and joints are stiff and some days, you can’t wait to get into your memory foam bed, where your body will feel supported and cradled.

Dogs are no different. Their bodies go through the same aging and aching process. The only difference is while you may notice your body stiffening up over the course of 20 or 30 years, theirs will do it much more quickly. Since the life span of dogs is 10-15 years, their sore muscles and joints will start after only a few years. Memory foam dog beds may be just what your pet needs to feel good again.

Larger dogs are often the best candidates for memory foam dog beds. They often have more issues with sore hips and joints, arthritis and bone weaknesses, as they grow older. Often with larger dogs, the hips get weak quickly over the years, and getting in and out of bed can be tough.

Not only are memory foam dog beds great for these animals, but you may also want to consider elevated memory foam beds. These are beds that are built with enough foam that they remain off the ground when dogs are using them. While getting up a few inches isn't such a big deal for an aging small dog, getting up a few feet for an aging older dog can be tough. Elevated memory foam dog beds may help them get through the day with less pain. If you have joint pain, think of how much it would hurt to have to get down on the ground and back up again all the time.

While most people think their dog will always be a puppy in their eyes, all dogs age, and much more quickly than their human counterparts. Don’t overlook the aging process and the extra comfort your pet may need as his joints start to ache. A memory foam bed may be the way to keep him comfortable as the years go by.

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Wednesday, 04 October 2023

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