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Doga, Today's dog walk!

Walking the dog is so last season! Playing fetch with your dog is yesterday's news! Now dog lovers are turning to Doga to get exercise with their dogs! Doga, the very unique act of performing yoga moves with your dog has been bubbling under the surface for years now but recently word has spread and thousands and thousands of dog lovers and yoga enthusiasts are turning to this fun exercise! And perhaps rightly so, it's good for you, it's good for your dog and its fun!

As more and more people hear of Doga, they become anxious to get their dogs as well as themselves in on the fun. Originally this proved to be difficult because individuals had to rely on classes to receive the instruction. Or occasionally and article would be written about Doga but these often acted as teasers only. And classes frequently proved to be just to distracting with so many dogs.

A couple of years ago, Amy Stevens, an animal lover and yoga enthusiast introduced to the world her original Doga DVD. Since the creation of her Yoga4Dogs DVD, it has been making it's way into the homes of Americans across the U.S. Amy says; "By having the routine on DVD, participants no longer have to worry about attending classes, they can perform the poses right at home, without the distraction of other dogs and other people. It's really a great way to make sure you and your dog are working out!"

Many people find themselves somewhat skeptical about getting involved in Doga because they fail to understand the benefits, but believe it or not, there are many! Doga can help strengthen the bond between owner and dog. Additionally, because many of the positions focus on deep breathing, it can aid in lung capacity and better breathing patterns. Also Doga can help people increase their abilities to concentrate.

Doga has the potential to assist in lowering blood pressure and slowing the heart rate. This is a great benefit to human participants with hypertension or heart disease. Doga, like yoga can also relieve symptoms of asthma, back and joint pain and arthritis. Some studies have even found that traditional yoga moves, like many of those found in a Doga routine can help with insomnia.

Humans are not the only Doga participants who benefit from a Doga routine. Doga holds many benefits for dogs too. Doga has the potential to assist K9's with weigh loss. Obesity has become an increasing problem in the U.S. and as dogs lose weight their problems with joint pain, hip dysplasia, heart disease and a variety of other problems are greatly reduced. Additionally, doga can assist in teaching dogs obedience.

Most dogs who have participated in Doga seem to enjoy it very much. Amy Stevens, host of the Yoga4Dogs Doga DVD says, "my dog always knows when I am getting ready for a Doga session. As soon as I grab my mat, she starts wagging her tail." Amy continues, "if nothing more, dogs just love the attention."

Next time your dog seems to be in need of releasing some energy, don't reach for the leash, reach for your Doga mat! Classes are across America in select large cites and the Amy Stevens' Doga DVD is available online at Yoga4Dogs.com

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