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Dogs - Are males better than females?

Ordinarily, particularly in small spaces, male dogs are claimed by some dog owners to be more aggressive and destructive. Female dogs, or 'bitches' are said to be easier to train and more affectionate. Dependent the dog breed, these stereotypes may be true or not. There are lots of things that you should be aware of when you want to choose a female dog such as the need to spay so that unwelcome birth will be avoided or simply handle your dog during the times of being in heat. If you just can't get rid of those cute litters of puppies then you are more likely to take for granted the need to do something for doggy birth control.

Don't ever think that female dogs have the menopause, so unlike the human female, dogs can have puppies practically all their lives. Guarding your female dog is an activity that you are expected to do for a great deal of time in every year because male dogs either from your neighbor or those stray ones can catch her scent no matter how far they are. If you want to breed your dog, then you might as well go for a female pedigree dog since it can really give you a lot of advantage in terms of a financial aspect.

To mark their territory, which be from the outside of your home or even just around the corners of your room is something that male dogs can't really avoid doing. They do the marking of their ?spot? by urinating on that part so that they won't have the trouble finding it again. You can try to school a dog not to mark his territory, but you're asking him to go against his instincts. If you already have a male dog in your house and you have add another, then a fight on who becomes the boss is likely to be witnessed between those dogs. The control over the home is something that even the smaller dogs would fight for against the larger male dogs in order to insist who among them got there first.

Dogs of opposite sexes tend to get along better than dogs of the same gender. Although male dogs seem to be more malicious with each other than female dogs, there are a number of female dogs who don't like the idea of sharing their place with other dogs. Female dogs are generally easier to home train than male dogs, nonetheless, it will still depend on the dog trainer's skills and certain characteristics may vary according to the dog's type. Male dogs are considered as more lively and active, however, the ?highly strung? disposition are evident to some breeds may it be with their males or females. Many of the average individuals who are shopping for a dog would definitely look for a female dog. The idea that those dogs which are easier to train and less aggressive are the female ones is more likely to be the thought that they think in.

But, being highly emotional is a fact with most female dogs that those people tend to forget. Dog breeders tend to favor male dogs as an easier pet to manage. In determining how a dog will behave, depending on the essence of what the sex can tell you with regards to its features is not enough to give you the information you need. There are breeds that set aside the sex since some of their characteristics are likely to be retained such as being calm and tolerant whether the dog is a female or a male. But males and females of breeds which are energetic, nippy and difficult to manage usually have those features within them.

Given that no scientific proof is presented that can make the guessing of the features of males and females and comparison for each gender possible, therefore, it would greatly depend on the individual judgment of the one intending to buy a dog the decision about the dog gender. Your choice is more likely to be determined by your childhood memories of having a pet or your desire to have the kind of pet that your friend also has.

Maybe what you would consider as the ideal dog is that gentle female Collie that you can remember to be as caring to litter after litter of puppies. Or maybe you can envisage a rough and tumble large male dog that can carry on playing and running inexhaustibly with children of so much curiosity and energy. Let your feelings decide as to what sex of the dog is best for you to own since you can't actually have something more logical to help you with your choice. Whatever selection you make, as long as you have thought about it well, then that will definitely be the right one for you.

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Wednesday, 06 December 2023

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