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Effective dog UTI home remedies you can do today

Urinary tract infection in animals is not a lethal condition that you should worry about. However, it does pose a problem to those whose budgets are as tight as the collar you fasten around Fido's neck. An effective dog urinary tract infection home remedy is a good alternative treatment to use. Read on for valuable dog UTI home remedies that have been successfully used by experts from all parts of the world.

1. The easiest and cheapest of all dog UTI home remedies can be found in any house-water. Provide the animal with a fresh supply of distilled H20 often throughout the day. Water cleanses the system, flushing out bacteria that are flowing through the canine's bloodstream because of dirty food or beverage that he may have ingested. Give him as much fresh and clean water as he wants to ensure his best health. Don't give water from the tap because it may contain chemicals and substances that may be damaging to the animal's internal system.

dog eatingDo not give tap water as this may contain chemicals that may further do some damage to the canine's internal organs. Also, when you give your dog plenty of water, make sure that he is able to eliminate this as often as possible. Bacteria is found in the urine and the longer the animal holds his urine in, the higher the possibility of infection the animal may have. Bring your dog out to do his business frequently to avoid UTI.

2. Citrus juice is beneficial in decreasing the amount of bacteria found in the dog's system. They contain a high level of acidity that kill the bacteria in the animal's urine. Examples of these beverages are orange, lime and cranberry.

Apple cider vinegar is one of the more popular juices that we use to effectively treat urinary tract infection-both for humans and canines alike. Put in teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to your dog's water dish for three days. This also neutralizes the urine as well as eases the discomfort the animal experiences in having dog UTI.

3. It goes without saying that you should give your dog clean food every day. Do not serve him table scraps or leftovers. Throw away any uneaten food, especially those that have been left out in the open for a long time. Bacteria may be sitting on the chow and will be harmful for the dog when he eats it.

Consult your vet regarding food supplements that will boost your dog's immune system. When a dog is healthy, organisms will not be able to remain in them for long. The animal's body will be able to resist these internal attacks and fight infections effectively.

4. Make sure that you develop good hygiene habits. Let him take baths often, especially if you think he has UTI. Take special care of the genital area; wash it well regularly. It will help if his living arrangement is as clean as possible.

Female dogs are more likely to develop UTI because they have a shorter urethra-meaning it is easier for the bacteria to travel throughout their internal organs. But male dogs are not exempt from this condition. When you wash their genital areas, trim and groom it as well to lessen the chances of bacteria to thrive on it.

5. Bring your pet outside for daily walks. Not only will this be good for his physical fitness and increase vitality; it provides you great opportunity to have him empty his bladder often. Have fun while you're at it-quality time is never wasted time.

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