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Giving your dog a dog run in a weekend

An enclosed space outside in which a dog can be secured and get exercise is commonly referred to as a dog run. Dog runs can be helpful for keeping a dog secure within the boundaries of the property.

Giving your dog a dog run is not a difficult project for most dog owners. Many consider this project to be a do-it-yourself project that can be completed in a weekend.

It is very important for a dog owner who is planning to build a dog run to check way if local ordinances or rules of the homeowners association if applicable. Part of the initial planning for giving your dog a dog run includes determining the best position for the dog run on the property.

Part of the dog run should be shaded if the dog is to spend considerable time in the dog run. Providing shade for the dog running can be done naturally by locating part of the dog run under a tree or by building a covering our roof over part of the dog run.

When determining the best dimensions for the dog run, the dog owner should consider the size of the dog and the available space. A small sized dog does not need nearly as much space as a large or energetic dog.

There are many possible materials that work well for a dog run. Chickenwire and chain-link fencing are two very popular materials used for the sides and top of the dog run. If the dog run has sides that are high enough to keep the dog securely inside, the dog owner may not need to secure the top of the dog run with chickenwire or fencing.

A gate is necessary to allow easy access to the dog run and keep the dog secure. Gates for dog runs can be manufactured or made with a wooden frame covered in chickenwire. The gate should have a latch to keep the dog securely inside.

After marking out the dimensions of the dog run, the dog owner should sink the corner posts into cement. Stakes or additional posts should be placed along the dog run to keep the fencing material secured.

The fencing material should be securely attached to the posts. In order to help keep the inside of the dog run from getting muddy, many dog owners like to add a ground cover material.

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