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Great ways to show appreciation for your dog

If you are a dog lover and spend a lot of time with your pet, you must have noticed how much notice they take of how you behave and do their utmost best to please you. There are quite a few ways to show our love for your dog, these are just a few.

How you hold your dog goes a way towards showing your pet how much you care. A hug and affectionate pats on the back both show your pet that you love them.

Think about the times you are with your loved one, and they touch you gently or stroke your hair. We know that those actions are conveying our love for us without speaking, and that's what you have to get across to your dog.

This is very easy to implement. When you sit down, let them sit on your knee if they are a small dog, or encourage them to lie beside you and pet them gently.

Dogs can get very lonely, especially if left alone for long periods. If you haven't seen them for a while give them a big show of affection and lots of hugs. You don't need a reason to hug your dog, just as you wouldn't need a reason to hug your loved one.

Taking your dog for walks is also showing that you care as you are taking part in a mutual activity, but sadly a lot of owners don't think of it as important. All dogs love to go for walks, and spending special time with you will make it even more special.

Dogs love surprises; to give them special treats for no special reason, so take them to visit a friend who has a dog that you know they enjoy the company of. All these little ways of showing affection will make sure that your pet knows they are loved.

Dogs are extremely social animals, and can get very lonely. Getting a second dog as a companion will make sure they never feel alone.

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Tuesday, 27 February 2024

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