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Healthy teeth for your dog

A dog will eat and chew on many different things that can cause major stinky dog breath. Brushing your dog's teeth can rid your dog of the dreaded, smelly doggy breath. Keeping your dog's teeth healthy will help keep him healthy.

As with people, dogs can suffer from the same dental issues as their owners. We can eliminate the same problems that we have by just giving them a good brushing weekly. Tackle that plaque and tarter buildup and give them shiny teeth with minty breath and brush away.

One thing you might be thinking is "how am I supposed to brush my dog's teeth?" Well, since you can't teach your dog to rinse and spit, you use a special doggie toothpaste. Also, you can purchase a finger toothbrush in the dog pet supplies section of your local pet store.

Exercising our dogs usually involves playing with a Frisbee or tossing a ball or sticks. Well, these things can break your dog's teeth. It's a good idea to check your dog on a regular basis for broken or chipped teeth so you can eliminate infections which can result in large vet bills. Keeping our dogs healthy will extend the life of our beloved friends.

Unlike their human counterparts, there are no doggy dentists. If a tooth gets broken, it's more than likely going to have to come out. Unless you can find it early and get your dog to the vet so he can check it out and prevent an infection.

Infections in the mouth can lead to more severe bad breath. So regularly brushing your dog's teeth and checking for injuries or broken teeth can eliminate any issues early. Doesn't your dog deserve the best care you can give him?

There are hundreds of toys on the market today for dogs of all sizes. Be sure that you use an item that is the right size for your four-legged friend when playing with her. Don't throw anything for her to catch that can hurt her or break a tooth.

If you are just not sure, it never hurts to hit the dog pet supplies section at your local vet or pet store. There are many safe items on the market that are also age appropriate so read the labels. Remember that dog's love to chew things up so avoid things with buttons or other items they can choke on.

Remember that puppies are big chewers as their baby teeth are falling out and their canines are coming in. Keep a good supply of chew toys around by regularly visiting the dog pet supplies in the vet or pet store. Variety will keep them interested and you will be helping them grow healthy teeth.

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