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Help your dog get over the fear of thunder

Dogs are great, fun loving pets nonetheless they typically are afflicted by the same anxieties that can affect people. One of many phobias that we share with dogs is anxiety over thunder and while people can get over it, dogs can find it considerably more difficult to overpower. The outcome is an array of behaviors varying from mild discomfort to destructive occurrences that can not simply damage property but hurt people. As anyone can recognize, a caring dog owner would wish to help their pet conquer this fear to accept this situation in a relaxed fashion. Thus let's consider how you might be able to help your dog overcome the fear of thunder.

Fear of Thunder is a Prevalent Condition

The first place to start is acquiring an understanding of this condition. Generally, 20% to 30% of all dogs have a tendency to become anxious during thunderstorms and this fear should be thought of as a noise phobia. Dogs will frequently exhibit symptomatic habits from mild panting and uneasiness to paralysis; in extraordinary cases, instances of destructive conduct have been seen. Though this anxiety could originate from a general fear of loud noises, there are many dogs that are just afraid of thunder. So while the source is apparently inexplicable, it's vital to be aware that every dog differs and the cause of their fears can vary. To reduce the effect of this condition, some simple steps can be taken.

Step 1: Reduce Exposure

One of the most important thing that can be done to make your dog more relaxed when dealing with thunder is to do some advanced planningAtlanta Lightning Strike to minimize exposure to thunder. This is especially important when first dealing with the problem. When it's been determined that thunderstorms are likely, a careful owner can do several things so it will be easy on their pet. First, close the blinds to muffle the sound and protect your dog from any lightning flashes that may accompany the thunder. Second, create a safe, comfy area away from windows where your pet can go to relax. Finally, shut any doors to rooms that may have doors and windows that could be penetrated by the light or sound. Although these steps may seem obvious, it's critical to limit your dog's exposure to the origin of its discomfort.

Step Two: Operate Normally

Dogs are very sensitive to the behavior of those around them, so it's essential for you to act normally around a dog already stressed over a thunder storm. Dogs can sense when we're frightened or nervous and it can affect their behavior. Furthermore, when owners attempt to comfort their dogs, this inconsistent conduct legitimizes the dog's perception that the scenario is as terrible as it believes. The proper solution is to stay relaxed, ignoring the storm and your dog's behavior throughout the event. Actually, if you can distract your dog by playing a favorite game, the easier it will be to beat the fear. Finally, by ignoring the storm and carrying on with normal activities your dog will start to realize that the storm is no big deal.

Step Three: Desensitize Your Pet

Although there are numerous techniques to help your dog overcome this condition, desensitization is among the best ways to overcome the fear of thunder. This requires steadily exposing your dog to the sound of thunder over time while making sure that something good always follows these situations. This can not just lessen your dog's sensitivity to noise, but probably cure it. Begin with an audio CD that replicates the noise at a really low volume, gradually increasing the volume every day until it reaches a normal level. Pacing is critical and when in doubt, go slowly to guarantee that the dog has grown to be used to the noise before any increase. On top of that, when your dog is behaving in a non-fearful manner, offer an incentive like a treat or having fun with its favorite toy.

A thunder storm can be an uneasy, stressful event for your dog, nonetheless by following these tips you can help your pet overcome these situations to be much more comfortable.

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