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How owning a pet teaches your children responsibility and builds confidence

Some people say that every boy should own a dog. It certainly agrees with the classic American family: Dad, Mom, Son, Daughter, and their dog. Though not all families are able to own a pet, children benefit in many ways because of this canine familial addition.

To begin, owning a dog benefits the physical health of children. How? Scientific studies have shown that when a person pats a dog or strokes a cat, their blood pressure lowers. This helps relax the child and relieves stress after a long day at school.

Some studies have also shown that children who own a pet, particularly a dog, have more highly developed immune systems than children who do not own a pet. This is most likely because children are not afraid to hug their dog and smother their face in the not-always-clean coat of their dog; by doing this, children are able to slowly build and strengthen their disease and sickness fighting abilities.

Next, children whose families own pets have been shown to display higher levels of empathy and kindness in comparison to children who do not have a pet. Children with pets also display higher confidence levels; this may be because dogs are confident, non-judgmental creatures, and children unconsciously copy their dog’s finest traits.

Also, studies have shown that children who own pets possess an affinity for understanding and communicating non-verbally. This is most likely because children talk to their dogs, and Rover in turn communicates through his body language, which kids learn to understand.

Here is a positive benefit to owning a pet that may interest parents: owning a cat or dog teaches children responsibility. When owning a dog, a child realizes that dogs have needs that must be met. Mom and Dad can help by teaching the children to put dog food in Rover’s bowl, let the him out into the fenced backyard to do his business, and taking him on walks for exercise. Kids realize that responsibly includes taking care of others, not simply brushing their teeth at night, doing their homework, and cleaning their room.

Eventually, children will have families of their own to take care of; start them early by helping them take care of the family dog. Also, children are able to understand that if they do not take proper care of their pet, they will lose their best friend. The responsibility of caring for a pet fosters lifelong benefits for growing children.

Finally, many parents believe that owning a pet simply increases the quality of life for their children. Children who have pets often grow up with them because the dog acts as a member of the family. A pet provides an at-home friend, someone to greet them when they get home from school, someone to play catch with, watch TV with, and someone who is there for them when they are sad or hurt. Dogs certainly are a comfort and a joy for children. The benefits of owning pets for a child’s sake are endless. Who doesn’t want their child to experience the best life has to offer?

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