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How to choose a heated dog bed

Some of the major benefits of having dog beds heated are for the treatment of arthritis and joint issues. The pain from these ailments can be treated with heat. Dogs, like their human counterparts benefit from the heat in a similar way.

There are many types including heated large dog beds for larger dogs and heated small dog beds for smaller dogs. There are a few things one should look out for when buying a new heated dog bed. An important issue would be the size of your dog. If your dog is young make sure to buy a heated dog bed based on the expected adult size.

It is also a good idea to match it with the intended use. Therefore if a bed is to be used outside then go for a heated outdoor dog bed. This will be important for the safety of your dog. If you do not feel comfortable with wires then a heating pad could be a decent alternative. Heated dog beds usually have steel wrapped wires.

Here are some factors to consider when buying a heated dog bed:

1. Make sure the cord is reinforced to prevent chewing - While most heated dog beds have this feature you should still double check the model details. Safety should never be compromised with any dog accessory. Some models also have a removable cord so that the bed can be used safely when heating is not needed.

2. Machine washable option - You want to ensure that cleaning the dog bed is convenient so make sure that the covers are machine washable. Your dog may be clean but over time the dog bed will get dirty. This will prevent the bed from creating a foul odour in your home.

3. Outdoor usage will require a model that can be used outside - There are models designed specifically for outdoor use and will last much longer. Outdoor temperatures vary widely and moisture can cause problems so make sure the heated dog bed you choose can handle this.

4. Design of the dog bed - Make a note of what position your dog rests and sleeps in. Dogs sleep in a variety of positions such as with their head elevated or on their side. Some tend to curl up into a ball when resting in their den. It is therefore important to choose a dog bed with a shape that will accommodate their preferred position. By choosing carefully you will ensure that your dog actually benefits from having the dog bed heated.

These recommendations should be helpful the next time you need to purchase a heated dog bed.

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