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How to detect if your dog has allergies

Ok so what are dog allergies and why you should be concerned about them. For one, they can cause problems for your pets to the extent that they can be suffering quite a bit from it. This means you'll have to take them to the vet and that costs money and time.

Usually these problems arise from the fact that dog owners do not take remedy actions in the early stages of dog allergies. By the time the dog allergies have become serious, it usually takes quite a bit more to solve the allergies. So take heed. Here i will share a few quick tips on how to spot early signs of dog allergies so you can do something about it right away.

Alright let's look at food allergies. The most usual sign for dog food allergies is that your dog will scratch a lot. If you see your pet scratching, licking or even chewing themselves constantly, it is a pretty sure symptom of dog allergies. Some possible triggers for this kind of reactions can be the food they are eating. A quick way to test this out is to systematically remove each dog food ingredient until the symptoms disappears. This helps you to isolate the cause of the dog food allergies.

Another common type of dog allergies is something called Atopy. This is caused by allergy due to their surrounding environment. Certain dust mites, pollen or molds can trigger such kinds of allergies. Again, some of the symptoms are chewing and scratching themselves, specifically the paws and face. Some remedy actions you can take is to remove your dog from these environmental triggers.

If they are allergic to dust mites, be sure to take them out of that area where it is full of dust mites. Now, this may not be possible in some cases, where the allergens are in the house itself. For this situation, you can clean your dog by giving them more frequent baths with medically-approved shampoos. Boosting their immune system is also another feasible way to fight against the allergies. Feed your dog with an omega three rich diet.

Those are just a few quick tips and tricks you can utilize to help alleviate your dog of allergies. Remember the golden rule: Detect early and treat it when possible!

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