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How to look after your pet dog

Cats and dogs are very different in the way they show a human affection. A dog is a lot more loyal than a cat. Many people treat their dog the same as they would treat a child.

Tip 1 - Make sure that your dog's collar has attached to it an identification tag that shows their name, your name and your contact details. Generally it is best if you just place a phone number on which you can be contacted. By including this on your dog's collar you are increasing the chances of them being returned to you if they get lost or runaway.

Tip 2 " There are certain laws that you need to follow in regards to registering your dog. Most pet owners will take their dog to the local vet to get a microchip inserted into the dogs shoulder blade. This would normally cost around $50. The reason why the chip works so well is if the dog is lost and then found then the dog is registered and can be returned.

Tip 3 " When walking your dog it is always best to keep them on the lead until you get to the park or open space. Some dogs are also classed as dangerous and may need a muzzle.

Tip 4 " Leaving your dog outside for periods of time is generally fine, but make sure that there is plenty of shelter for the dog to hide away from the cold and rain. Make sure you still spend time with the dog outside as these animals are pack animals and like being around others.

Tip 5 " Make sure that you take your dog to vets regularly this is always a good idea so the dog get a regular check up. If you tend not to take your dog to the vets, then if you dog had a serious illness it could cost you a lot more.

Tip 6 - Unless you are intending to breed from your dog it is important that you have the spayed or neutered. Many dogs after having this routine surgery carried out tend to live much longer and tend to be much healthier and have far less behavioural problems.

Tip 7 - It is important that you provide your dog with a well balanced nutritional diet and make sure that they can easily get to fresh water when they need. This is especially important if you intend to feed your dog only dried food. When it comes to which food to give your dog as there are so many different kinds available it may be advisable to discuss the issue with your vet first. Certainly many owners today prefer to feed dried dog food simply because it is must easier and also contains the right balance of nutrients, minerals and vitamins that dogs need. The other choice you have and if you have the time is actually to prepare fresh meals for your dog which you can then freeze and give to them each day.

Tip 8 " Your dog will start to respect you a lot more if you were to take them to dog obedience classes. Dogs really enjoy these classes as they will learn a lot about how to behave in and outside of your home. You will also learn a lot about how to look after your dog and after time a mutual respect will build.

Tip 9 " Dogs love to be out in the open, so taking your dog for walks once or twice a day is vital. A trip to park or around the local block is all it needs to keep your dog fit and healthy.

Tip 10 " It is important to look after your dogs appearance, make sure you regularly groom the dog so that their coat is clean and shinny. You can also buy dog teeth brushes to make sure your dog has nice clean teeth.

Above we have listed 10 of the most important points that will make sure your dog stays fit and healthy.

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