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Identifying Beagle health problems

A lot of people love the beagle breed of dog mostly for its friendly demeanor and its ability to be a good dog with children. But beagle health problems are somewhat common and can range from the regular cuts and scratches that any dog gets all the way up to ailments that are almost completely proprietary to the beagle. Keep an eye on your beagle and start to become familiar with the warning signs for beagle health problems.

Beagles will eat until they get sick and then they will just keep eating. Beagles are known for eating everything in front of them and this leads to the common problem of obesity. Any dog breed can experience obesity but a beagle is very susceptible to it because they will gladly trade exercise for food and that isn't healthy. Be diligent about your beagle's diet and make sure they get a lot of exercise.

Beagle health problems affect many parts of the beagle's body and one part that can be affected is the eye. Beagle's are prone to getting a condition called distichiasis which is a condition caused by over growth of the eyelashes to the point where they get into the beagle's eyes and cause problems.

This condition is treatable with surgery but you need to get your beagle to the vet right away if you notice this problem developing.

Beagles are also susceptible to renal atrophy, which is the systematic loss of eyesight due to deterioration of different parts of the eye. When the eye stops functioning properly then everything associated with it starts to experience atrophy and problems can arise. Symptoms of this are a drying of the eye or excessive tearing. If you notice either of these symptoms do not hesitate to get your beagle to the vet as soon as possible.

Nature has a way of playing a mean little trick on the beagle in that some of the beagle health problems are directly related to something the beagle and its owner can do nothing about, that is the way the beagle is built. The beagles' big floppy ears can sometimes prevent air from flowing in and out of the ears like it should and this can cause a lot of problems. One of the main problems is a build up of moisture in the ear that can cause serious beagle health problems. So always check in around and under your beagle's ears on a regular basis.

Some of the things that sound awful with a beagle are completely harmless. For some reason beagles occasionally experience what is known as reverse sneezing. It sounds like they are trying desperately to catch their breath but they are just fine and it is harmless.

It can be what is called reverse sneezing, which is a beagle thing and no one knows what causes it or why. But if you suspect any problems with your beagle do not hesitate to get to the vet as soon as possible.

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