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Information on the advantages and disadvantages of a dog kennel

An outdoor dog kennel is a fenced area that contains a dog house or similar shelter for the dog. The dog owner needs to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of a dog kennel when deciding on whether to build a dog kennel.

The fact that an outdoor dog kennel is a sturdy, permanent structure is one advantage of dog kennels. The permanence of the structure can be a disadvantage if the dog owners change residences. A dog kennel can not easily be dismantled and moved to a new residence.

A dog kennel provides many benefits to the dog. It allows the dog to spend time outdoors while providing a source of shade and shelter when necessary. If constructed to suit the needs of the dog, it keeps the dog safely secured on the property while providing area for exercise.

Dog owners can rely too much on a dog kennel. Keeping a dog penned in the kennel can be detrimental to the dog's social and physical health. Dogs need the socialization that interaction with the family provides. Dog kennels should be used in moderation.

These structures require construction. Many dog kennels have concrete floors, a dog house, and a chain link fence with posts sunk in concrete. Dog owners may need to pay someone to build it if they do not have the necessary skills.

If a dog kennel is built too small for the dog, the dog may not have sufficient room to exercise. The dog may dig under the fence or escape in gaps under the fence if the fence is not secure.

A medium or large size dog may be able to escape over the top of the fence if the fence is not high enough. The door to the dog kennel must be secured properly. If string or rope is used to secure the door, the string or rope may stretch over time. This could allow the dog to be able to nudge the door open to escape the kennel.

If the kennel is not kept clean, it exposes the dog to unsanitary conditions which can lead to disease and physical problems for the dog. Dog owners need to regularly clean the kennels and maintain the kennel as necessary to keep it secure.

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