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Is diarrhea in dogs dangerous?

Dogs commonly suffer from occasional bouts of diarrhea. Diarrhea in dogs is not always a veterinary concern, but a dog owner should know when to call the veterinarian.

Eating something that upset their stomachs such as something from the trash, a viral or bacterial illness, or a digestive intolerance to something in the dog's food can cause dogs to have diarrhea. The diarrhea is often the body's way of expelling toxins from the dog's body.

The dog owner should contact the veterinarian immediately if there is blood in the diarrhea or the diarrhea lasts for more than a day or two. If the dog owner suspects that the dog may have ingested poison or there are other signs of illness such as vomiting or fever, the dog should be examined by a veterinarian as soon as possible.

If the dog appears to be struggling to breathe, this is a veterinary emergency. The dog should be seen by a veterinarian if the dog has lost weight or doesn't seem to be able to relax or lie still.

If a dog is having frequent bouts of diarrhea or if the dog is a puppy that has not had all of its vaccinations, the dog should be examined by a veterinarian even if diarrhea tends to go away rather quickly. A common cause for diarrhea in puppies is intestinal parasites.

When the dog first experiences diarrhea, the dog owner should remove the dog's food and water. By restricting the dog's food and water intake, the dog owner allows the dog's digestive system to settle down. Occasionally, the dog owner should allow the dog to drink small amounts of water.

After the diarrhea has subsided, the dog should be fed only bland food. A common recommendation for food for a dog recovering from diarrhea is a mixture of two thirds cooked rice and one third cooked, lean meat. The lean meat can be chicken breasts or hamburger that has been patted with a paper towel to remove excess fat.

Two or three tablespoons of plain yogurt can be added to the dog's bland food mixture. The yogurt may help calm the stomach and replenish some of the healthy bacteria in the digestive tract. The special bland diet for the dog should be followed for a few days.

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