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Is there an easy technique to treat ear mites at home?

Finding a way to treat ear mites does not necessarily mean a trip to the veterinarian. These parasites left untreated can result in serious damage to an animal's ears. Following some simple steps to clean their ears with mineral oil can help rid them of these potentially dangerous parasites.

These parasites cause your cat or dog to get reddened, inflamed or swollen ears. They can infect the middle ear, which throws off their balance. They may start to walk in circle or may not be able to walk at all. Pets with this condition will scratch their ears and shake their heads a lot as if trying to shake the bugs out.

There is a relatively easy way to treat this condition without having to take your sick pet to the veterinarian. You can confirm that your pet has the parasites by looking inside the infected area for blood or puss. The animal may also be showing signs of a fever or a lethargic attitude. Once you have determined that they are present, you can use mineral oil to kill them.

Mineral oil is good for your pet's ears because it will loosen earwax and the blood and puss that have built up because of the parasites. This will clear the plugged ear and help them regain their balance. The oil also smothers mites. The easiest way to apply the mineral oil is with an eyedropper.

After applying the mineral oil, massage it in to help spread the oil to loosen the earwax and kill the parasites. Proceed massaging by gently grasping the ear with your thumb inside and your fingers on the outside. Apply pressure slightly to the inside, being careful not to scratch the ear with your nail or irritate the inner ear. Place the thumb down as far as it will naturally go and rub until the oil is spread all over the inside ear canal.

Once you have completed the massaging process, allow your cat or dog to shake the head discarding the oil and any loose dirt. It is best to try this process outside so your carpet and furniture will not get oil and the loose dirt all over them. If you still see black spots in the ear, wipe them out with a cotton ball. They should be loose enough to come out easily with a gentle wipe. It is better not to use a Q-tip as it may go to deep into the canal causing ear damage.

You can continue this process until you believe the ear mites are gone for good. If you notice after a week of treatments that they are not going away then you should contact your vet to take your dog or cat in for further treatments. The vet may end up giving you a prescription ointment to put in their ear. More than likely, a trip to the vet will not be necessary, as mineral oil is an excellent way to treat ear mites.

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