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Managing your puppy for safety

Puppies are curious, adventuresome and able to get into almost anything, no matter how secure you thought it was. Making your house safe for a puppy is important, not only to protect your valuables but also to protect the puppy. Since it is almost impossible to puppy proof an entire house, consider selecting a room or area that can be cordoned off to make a puppy safe area when little Fido is left alone or unsupervised. Baby gates or pet gates are a great idea to block off a doorway, but they have to be securely placed in the door and fastened or a bigger puppy will learn to push them down. If the puppy is prone to chewing, spray the gate with a produce such as Grannick's Bitter Apple that will leave a bad taste in his or her mouth and prevent them from noshing on your enclosure. If you don't have a specific room, a pet exercise pet is a perfect ideal. This easy to transport pens come in many different sizes and can be used either indoors or outdoors and come in a variety of models to meet your needs. If you are buying an exercise pen, get one that will suit the dog as it grows to prevent having to constant upgrade as the puppy get bigger.

Keeping your puppy and eventually your dog safe in your car or vehicle includes purchasing a dog seat belt or keeping your puppy in a carrier within a seatbelt when they are in the vehicle. For older dogs or large puppies the seatbelt is a great safety feature plus you can also add a window screen or barrier that prevents the puppy from squeezing out through the window. Since dogs and puppies should never be left alone in a vehicle, especially in the hot summer months, this window barrier is not suitable for turning your vehicle into a pet storage area. They are an excellent safety feature to allow your dog fresh air while traveling but preventing them from sticking their head or front quarters out of the window.

Managing your puppy also includes cleaning up his or her waste. Puppies may eat fecal material if it is not removed, leading to bad habits, nutritional problems and a worm and parasite problems if more than one puppy is kept in the same area. A pooper scooper is a simple to use plastic handled scoop that can pick up waste material to be deposited in the garbage. There are even systems that you can set up right on your own property that use natural enzymes to break down the feces without having to use plastic bags that end up in landfills. When you are walking your puppy remember to carry some small plastic bags that you can use as a way to pick up his or her waste. These bags are then sealed and deposited in the nearest trash can. Pet stores carry a wide variety of specialty bags that are discrete and provide good protection for picking up the waste.

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