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New Puppy? You Should Know This!

Adding a puppy to your life can be the most rewarding thing you do. It can also be the most frustrating thing if you are not prepared! Everything from potty accidents to typically puppy nipping can become major problems in your life if you do not rectify them now, the moment your puppy is brought into your home.

Housebreaking is always a big deal for new puppy owners. How can you teach something so simple as to where to pee or poo to a furry critter that does not speak your language? Simply keep an eye on him at all times, and when you can't he should go into a puppy proofed play pen with a potty pad or litter box. Give him the opportunity to potty every 45 minutes through the day and possibly once or twice during the night so that he will not feel the need to go anyplace else! This will build a habit in him to do the right thing!

Letting your puppy potty first thing when he wakes up and 20 minutes after eating or drinking is perfect timing. If you withhold any food or water about 4 hours before bed time you will significantly reduce the chances of your little companion needing to go out during the night.

puppyAll puppies will be mouthy during growth periods. Puppies will begin teething and putting pressure on their gums through chewing alleviates some of the pain and discomfort they feel during this time. Puppies also learn much about their environment through rubbing their mouths and tasting objects we would normally find weird. One thing your puppy should never be allowed to put his teeth on though is human skin.

Whenever your puppy put his teeth to your skin, you can do one of two things. You can try yelping as if you are a puppy and in discomfort from the act. Sometimes a puppy will understand this and stop. Many times however, he will get more excited and playful with you making such a silly sound. Instead, end the game right then and there and ignore your puppy. If his teeth touch you, he should know it means no more fun! Once he gets the hint, he will avoid ending his playtime so soon by mouthing.

Continue to learn more ways to shape your new puppy into the best friend you've always wanted using both prevention and positive training methods. Your little one can be a dependable companion with ease if you start training early and correctly!

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