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Outdoor dog beds are essential for your pet

Outside pets that spend lots of time sleeping on the ground, on porches, patios and garages, might not seem like they need outdoor dog beds. They already get plenty of sleep, right? But if they stay outside most of the time, they need an outdoor bed even more than an animal that lives inside and only goes outside for short periods of time.

The hard ground is tough on bones and joints, so outdoor dog beds cushion your pet from the rigidity of the ground. Wintertime doesn't just cool the air, but it makes the ground even colder and harder. Being on the cold ground can make bone and joints ache even more, in addition to keeping the animal feeling cold. Some dog houses aren't very well insulated so having their own cozy outdoor dog beds can make wintertime much more comfortable and warm.

Having outdoor dog beds gives your four-legged friends a sense of territory, more than the large yard does. This one spot is all his own. It's a special, cushy place that's more comfortable than anywhere else. It's a dry place off the damp ground that's covered in his scent to keep other animals away, giving him a sense of security.

Outdoor dog beds come in orthopedic styles. Quilting and extra support are perfect for pets who might need the extra help, like those who suffer from arthritis, joint pain, stiffness and other injuries. They stay warmer because they're off the ground, and the warmth helps their joints, and it also relieves pressure off their joints and supports their frame gently but firmly. Dogs who've had surgery can particularly benefit from the added comfort found in these models, especially if the surgery involved bones or joints.

Because the weather can change quickly, outdoor dog beds are weatherproof. Most have comfortable exteriors that resists stains, water and snags and can be wiped clean or removed and washed for convenience. Firmer units have waterproofing to keep the inside dry. Softer outdoor dog beds generally have coatings that are resistant to water unless they're immersed to be washed.

In extreme weather, outdoor dog beds can give animals special comfort. Heated ones are perfect for winter to keep your pooch warm. They're good for houses, garages, porches, patios, and wherever your animal might choose to lie down while outside. And units made especially for the hot summer months are designed to keep your pooch cool and comfortable. They can be soaked in cold water for about a half an hour, then towel dried. The interior stays soft and cool thanks to absorbing the cold water, and provides hours of cool relaxation for your friend no matter how high the temperature rises.

Some outdoor dog beds go one better on portability, and instead of just moving them inside and outside, they're designed for traveling. Doesn't matter if it's a week's vacation or a day-long road trip, these designs are perfect. Some roll up sleeping-bag style and are machine washable. Some look like tiny hammocks or cots. While not much warmth is available from the stain-resistant nylon, it keeps your pet up off the ground. They're portable and ready to go when you are, with no complicated assembly instructions, and no need to move other luggage to make room for a larger mattress.

Outdoor dog beds can be luxurious additions to your home decor, too. Microfiber suede feels soft and silky but resists stains and cleans easily. Imitation lambswool is a super-soft favorite of some that still resists dirt and water, and machine washes for easy care.

You can find outdoor dog beds to fit no matter what your animal's size. Wait until he's asleep and measure him to see how much room he takes up, then order a larger size to make sure there's plenty of spread out room. Then your four-legged friend will feel like he can stretch out and get as comfy as he can without worry about being cramped.

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