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Preparing Your Home for the Arrival of your New Dog

Bringing home a new pet is always a joy. It is the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship. So, you want to make sure that your dog gets a warm welcome and has access to everything he or she needs to be able to settle in quickly. Here are a few tips to help you to prepare for their arrival.

Let other people know you have a dog

Most homeowners forget to put up beware of dogs signs. But, you really should. They play a role in keeping your dog and visitors safe. These signs can reduce the chances of your dog biting someone. People who are visiting your home will approach your door with a little caution and treat your dog with respect. They will not be startled and shout at them. A reaction like that can lead to a dog confusing a visitor for an intruder and biting them. So, putting some signs up before your dog arrives should be on your to-do list.

Prepare your car for the journey home

Make sure that you install the guard in your car and have the right size seat harness available. When you pick him or her up, lay a blanket across their seat. Ideally, one from the beddog mutt stray they were sleeping in before you picked them up. The smell of this will help them to feel more secure. The blanket will also protect your car seats should they be sick.

Go shopping

Do not leave going shopping for everything your new pet will need to the last minute. You want to be as calm as possible when you go and pick them up. They are sensitive creatures that will pick up on and reflect the way you are feeling. If you are calm, they are more likely to feel calm too.

Plus, for the first day or two you do not want to leave your dog alone. So, going shopping after they have arrived is not really an option. You can find a comprehensive list of what you will need on kennel club and dog charity websites.

Lay everything out in advance

Before they get home, lay out their food bowls and put their bed in place. Be sure to fill their water bowl too. When they arrive, they will likely be thirsty.

Prepare everyone in the home for your dog’s arrival

Making sure everyone from the youngest to the oldest member of the family is ready for your dog’s arrival is vital. You want everyone to work together to look after your pet. If one person lets them sit on the sofa while everyone else shouts at them they will soon get confused and this can lead to conflict in the home. So, make sure everyone knows what is expected of them. Also, think about how you are going to introduce your new dog to your other pets.

Dog-proof your house

Some dogs settle in fast and never cause any issues. Others go a little crazy and get into everything.

So, it is wise to dog proof your home. Put delicate ornaments up high, so they don’t get knocked over by a wagging tail. Remove roach traps and mousetraps, to prevent them from poisoning themselves. Some dogs, in particular puppies, tend to chew. So, make sure they cannot get to electric cables and do not leave them alone in a room until you are sure they are not chewers.

Those are the basics. You also need to go online and find out how to train your dog so they know where they can go to the toilet and how to behave in your home.

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