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Pug encephalitis

Of all the different breeds of dog that one can choose from the Pug is definitely one of the best because they are friendly and loving. Dog food is where dogs get most of their nutrition from so it is important to choose the healthiest, highest quality food possible. Cleaning in between the folds on the Pug's skin is one of the most important parts of caring for the dog.

With proper Pug care you can also ensure that other problems such as skeletal, breathing and eye problems will be less likely to affect your Pug, even if you were not careful in where you obtained the puppy from. Among the skeletal problems that can affect your Pug, are hip dysplasia as well as inter-vertebral disk disease or IVD and there is also patellar luxation to be worried about.

One of the more common Pug health problems that you will encounter once you have brought home a new puppy or dog is the one known as Pug dog encephalitis which is really a brain disease that is of an inflammatory kind that can effect both male as well as female Pugs. In fact, this is a unique disease among the Pug breed though it may also affect other breeds including the Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese and Pekingese. Sometimes, even in spite of giving proper Pug care it may, when it is less than one year in age or greater than five years, suffer from seizures that are persistent and thus requires having him evaluated for neurological problems.

Pugs are different from other breeds in the sense that they really enjoy water. So bathing is a relatively easy task, you just need to avoid getting water in the ears which can lead to infections and getting shampoo in their sensitive eyes. However, let your Pug play in the water for a while if they want to since this can make bath time an enjoyable event for both you and your Pug.

Keeping the ears dry and clean is another important part of caring for Pug health. Pugs are prone to ear infections due to their narrow ear canal. When you clean the ears regularly you should always use soft tissues or a cotton ball and never a cotton swab. If your Pug is shaking it's head a lot or scratching their ears then you should take them to the vet to have their ears checked. If there is a weird smell in the ears then you will also want to seek medical attention since this can be a sign of a fungus or ear infection.

You basically just want to make sure that the dog is kept as clean and healthy as possible, especially when it comes to their fur because this is where allergens tend to hide and bother them. It is also believed that certain breeds of dog are more allergic than other breeds, and the Pug has proven to be included in this category. Because of their small stature and larger sized noses, allergens often pose a problem with this breed.

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