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Raising a healthy Poodle puppy

Whether is took months or it took minutes to decide it was time to bring a new Poodle puppy into your home you are going to want to put a lot of effort into making sure your home is ready for the little one to come home. In order to avoid a lot of bad situations, you will want to remove anything that is of value up off and away from the floor to prevent the new puppy from making it his or her brand new chew toy.

Just like you would not leave mousetraps lying around a baby on the floor, you would not want to leave such items around a Poodle Puppy who is just as curious as any baby. Also, make sure that if there is anything that you really would get upset about if it got chewed, you need to take care of those items by putting them up and out of reach of the new puppy because one of the things that puppies love to do is chew.

Some more things that you will want to have done before your Poodle puppy comes home is having a good detailed list of the things you want him or her to learn such as where to go potty and to stay off of the couch. Once you have come up with your list, you want to determine which of the dog lessons are the most important to you. By doing so, you can make sure you get to the most important task first because puppies should only be trained on one lesson at a time.

Once you have the name established, you can begin your training with your new furry friend. But be careful not to over do it, as the Poodle puppy should only be trained on one thing at a time, as they can get frustrated easily. Also, it is a good idea to make sure you understand that this type of dog can have a mind all its own.

Also, before you can start training, you need to start thinking of names that you can call your puppy. Even though you may want to wait until you bring the puppy home before you finalize any names, you should have a basic idea of a few Poodle puppy names that can be used. And then, once you have the puppy home, it will not take as long to think of a name because it is so important that a name is given in order to begin training your puppy.

There is a lot more to learn and to deal with then the books make there out to be and that is not something you will truly understand until the puppy is in your home.

One thing that is extremely important to understand is that Poodle puppies can have minds of their own and therefore there are going to be a lot of accidents. Do not let that discourage you though because once you are through the training stage, you will love the warmth and dedication that your puppy will offer you.

And you in turn, you love that puppy so much that you can never imagine letting him or her go over some silly training issue.

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