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Select the best outdoor dog bed

While many may wonder why anyone should buy outdoor dog beds, there's actually very good reason why your pet should have one, even if he spends a lot of time outside. Don't the animals sleep just fine on the ground or in their houses? Actually, if your pooch stays outside most of the time, he probably needs one even more than if he stayed inside.

Outdoor dog beds cushion your pet from the hard ground, which is tough on joints and bones. When winter approaches and the air gets cool, the ground gets even colder. Joint and bone aches and pains can result from laying on the cold ground, and the animal can have a hard time staying warm. Many of their houses aren't insulated enough, so having their cozy outdoor dog beds to snooze in can make them so much more comfortable in the winter.

And outdoor dog beds can give your four-legged friends an added sense of security. It's a special place all his own that's far more cushy and comfortable than the ground or a house. And even when the ground's damp, its a dry place covered in his own scent, which can make him feel safe.

Outdoor dog beds are also available in a variety of orthopedic styles. Special quilting and extra support are called for when pets have arthritis, joint pain, stiffness or other conditions or injuries that make mobility difficult. Because they're off the ground, they stay warmer, which in turn helps joint. And pressure is relieved off joints as they're supported firmly but gently. Dogs who've been injured or had joint or bone surgeries can especially benefit from the extra comfort and support found in orthopedic models.

Outdoor dog beds are snag-resistant, stain-resistant and weatherproof. Because the weather can change in an instant, you might not have time to carry it indoors, so the interiors are generally waterproof on firmer units. But many softer and more portable styles have water-resistant exteriors but can be thrown a washing machine for quick clean-up.

In extreme weather, outdoor dog beds can give animals special comfort. Heated ones are perfect for winter to keep your pooch warm. They're good for houses, garages, porches, patios, and wherever your animal might choose to lie down while outside. And units made especially for the hot summer months are designed to keep your pooch cool and comfortable. They can be soaked in cold water for about a half an hour, then towel dried. The interior stays soft and cool thanks to absorbing the cold water, and provides hours of cool relaxation for your friend no matter how high the temperature rises.

You can even find extra-portable outdoor dog beds, that aren't just mean to be moved in and out with the animal, but are designed for traveling. Whether for a week, or a day, these designs are the utmost in convenience. Sleeping-bag style outdoor dog beds roll up and go in the washer for easy clean up. Cot styles support your pup off the ground with water-resistant nylon. They don't offer warmth or cushioning, but rather hammock-style support that's perfect for the on-the-go pooch. And they're easily carried and cleaned, for your convenience.

Outdoor dog beds can be luxurious additions to your home decor, too. Microfiber suede feels soft and silky but resists stains and cleans easily. Imitation lambswool is a super-soft favorite of some that still resists dirt and water, and machine washes for easy care.

To find outdoor dog beds in your pup's size, measure him while he's asleep. Then buy a size larger than it seems he'll need. It's better to have one a little too big than too small. You want him to have plenty of room to spread out so he doesn't feel cramped in his special sleeping spot.

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