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Sleeping like a dog

The Dog's Life is for me is an expression derived from the notion that a dog has the luxury to sleep all day. Most domestic dogs that are pets don't have to go to work or school, so they really do sleep about half the day. Dogs sleep out of boredom. Some dog's sleeping habits influence its behavior. Stimulation during the day is necessary for some dogs that need to be awake during the day so they can sleep at night; at the same time as their owners.

Even though a dog sleeps for 12 hours or more a day, they are still aware of their surroundings. If it is not time for a walk, pet, play or food, dogs tend to sleep. Sometimes they are tired, especially after an afternoon at the dog park and other times its just boredom.

Did you ever feel like you could fall asleep standing up? Your faithful companion can be standing or sitting next to you, and the eyelids start to droop and the next thing you know they lie down and are a sleep. Amazing! The lids close and legs are jerking.

Dogs assume many positions while they are sleeping. When it is cold they curl up in a ball to keep in their body heat. Dogs that live together like to snuggle next to each other when it is cold and sleep near each other during warmer weather. They are pack animals at heart.

Once a dog rolls over onto their back and stretch out their legs and begin snoring, they are in a sound sleep. No tense muscles from being curled up in a ball, pure relaxation!

Dogs enjoy being warm and snuggly when they are tired and want to stretch out for a rest. A comfortable donut dog bed has a unique two-piece design. Dogs love the security of the outer ring, while the removable bottom cushion can be used as a travel mat or crate mat.

Notice what a pleasant disposition your dog has after a sound sleep. Maybe dog owners should make an attempt to slow down and rest in our "den".

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Tuesday, 27 February 2024

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