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The most common Yorkshire Terrier Allergies

Your Yorkshire Terrier is going to need to see a vet at least once a year. Most dogs visit more than once a year. You need to know that vet bills are to be expected when you bring home a Yorkshire Terrier. They are prone to some illnesses like luxating patella. However, they are not as prone to allergies as some other breeds. Yorkshire Terrier allergies are almost the same as for other breeds. The only exception is that they don't handle anesthesia as well as other breeds.

There are many means of finding out how to choose a vet for your Yorkshire Terrier. You can ask your dog owning friends, family and neighbors for recommendations. You can ask your pet store (one that doesn't sell puppies, of course) and you can ask your local animal shelter. Thankfully, it's easier than ever to find a vet. Since Yorkies are so popular, they should be familiar with Yorkshire Terrier allergies.

Most likely, your Yorkshire Terrier will have problems with people being allergic to him rather than having allergies himself. Yorkies are considered one of the better breeds of dogs for those who suffer from allergies to canine dander. Yorkies can get the usual allergies that any breed of dog can develop (even mongrels). These Yorkshire Terrier allergies include food allergies, allergies to flea bites and allergies to certain chemicals in cleaning products for the dog or for their bedding. Some Yorkies also can become allergic to pollen, just like people.

And you can also ask the vets in your area yourself. Ask them if they have worked with Yorkies before. Ask if they specialize in dogs (there are vets who specialize in other animals, but will do their best for dogs). An ethical vet will help refer you to another vet with more experience. Most vets refer to other vets because they are getting referral and it all works out. You also don't have to stick with one vet all of your Yorkie's life if a choice is available.

Yorkshire terrier care is difficult enough without having to add the care of a dog with Yorkshire Terrier allergies>. But if you start getting into the habit, taking care of a Yorkie with allergies becomes easy and part of the daily routine.

Allergies to flea bites are common, but treatable. You need to get rid of the fleas, which is easier than ever to do with spot-on products like Frontline. You also need to get rid of fleas in your home, because fleas live in carpeting and furniture and just use your dog for meals.

Finding out the cause of the allergen takes a lot longer than treating the actual allergy. You will usually have to do a lot of trial and error experiments. Food allergy diagnosis takes the longest, but there are commercial foods now available for dogs with food allergies.

If your dog's condition improves, then you know that changing your cleaners will cure your dog. With food allergies, this trial and error method can take a long time. You must be patient. Fortunately, there a lot of new commercially available dog foods made especially for dogs with food allergies.

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