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The origin of Shar Pei allergies

There are many Shar Pei allergies that can be overcome with some careful thought. Unfortunately there are also a number of autoimmune problems that your Shar Pei will face that may end in medical problems requiring professional medical care. Special veterinary care is usually required for some of the allergic skin conditions and even when treated will require constant future management by the pet owner. Combined with strong behavioral tendencies the Shar Pei is not a low maintenance pet and it is also quite an expensive pet to own.

As with all pet allergies, Shar Pei allergies are usually caused by something we do to them. Often allergic reactions result from a change of food or a change of shampoo. As owners we need to consider the results of our actions at all times and given that the Shar Pei is now a pure breed recognize that the pure breeds often exhibit less tolerance for change of all forms.

A Shar Pei is a large dog and can weigh up to sixty pounds for a large specimen. Its large number of wrinkles exacerbates the potential for skin allergies on such a large dog. Of course these features of its appearance are based on the historic uses of the breed. A Shar Pei can be frightening when this rather unusual collection of skin and fur faces you off. Their tendency towards aggressive behaviors can lead to additional problems with routine care items such as nail trimming and ear cleaning.

The Shar Pei even has a form of fever known as "swollen hock fever" that is episodic in nature and peculiar to them. Unfortunately it can be fatal. On the other hand there are some common Shar Pei allergies that are associated with their skin can simply be managed by frequent weekly bathing and the use of good grooming habits.

Shar Peis that were not suitably trained may end up with some Shar Pei allergies originating with dirty ears or damaged paw pads. Shar Peis are in general rather easy to annoy, and because of their powerful nature and their low center of gravity a fully-grown Shar Pei cannot be physically subdued by an average person.

As we move into an era of increasing understanding of the dangers we face from our own pets and the world we have created, the Shar Pei continues to be one of the most common household pets.

Although the Shar Pei has some very well documented problems, all pets do as they are after all simply animals, lower in the food chain than homo-sapiens. Despite their aggressive behavior with a tendency to some unusual Shar Pei allergies and tolerance issues they are very lovable and friendly to those that they trust.

Furthermore, their mysterious origins appear to compensate for many of their shortcomings, and there is an obvious demand in today's pet markets for their very unusual look. However, the need for training and the unusual nature of the health of this animal would nominally indicate that this is one pet that needs a truly committed dog owner and not a part-time pet lover.

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