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The types of Pomeranian problems you should be ready for

Pomeranians are wonderful little dogs but like any other breed of dog there are Pomeranian problems that you should be aware of before you get involved in owning one. Discuss these issues with your breeder to be sure that you can deal with these potential Pomeranian problems and that a Pomeranian really is the dog for you. Knowing in advance what you are getting into is always a good way to prepare yourself for future issues.

Pomeranians are not good dogs for kids. They don't like the running around kids do and they certainly will not react well to the game of pull the doggie's fur either. A Pomeranian stressed out by kids may start to bite so if you have kids then you may want to avoid the Pomeranian breed of dog for you and your family.

Pomeranians love to bark. They will bark at anything that they sense moving whether that thing is really there or not. The subtlest of movements will get that shrill little bark going and this can be one of the bigger Pomeranian problems you will have.

So if you live in an apartment building, or you have neighbors that are close by, then you may want to consider not getting a Pomeranian if you want to avoid making enemies very fast.

A Pomeranian will test your will because they are an extremely smart little breed of dog and one of the Pomeranian problems that you may experience is that it has a mind of its own and really doesn't care what you have to say.

You will find yourself repeating yourself a lot and if that does not sound like what you want to be spending your time doing with your pet then you may want to consider not getting a Pomeranian.

You will find your Pomeranian testing your last nerve every chance it gets. You need patience to properly train a Pomeranian and you also need to remember that punishment does not work with a dog like this.

Always use positive reinforcement or strong consistent behavior with your Pomeranian to let it know that you mean business. But if you are not looking for a challenge then you may want to avoid a Pomeranian.

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