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The way puppies grow up

A sweet puppy would usually be depicted as a pet with a warm nose, watery big brown eyes and an eager way of licking that you would always want to feel. From children to strapping men, a pup can level the playing field fast. Isn't it so soothing and sweet every time a tiny puppy would find a way to be cuddled into your arms or feel you hug them and make them feel needed?

But, did you ever wish that your puppy would stay the way it is? There will come a time where that cute and pleasing fur ball will grow up to be some creature that will even outgrow your kids and consume a lot more food than they could.

Isn't it so soothing and sweet every time a little puppy would always find a way to be cuddled into your arms or feel you hug them and make them feel wanted? What dog owner hasn't thought, "I wish he would stay a pup forever?" In less than twelve months, that tiny fur ball could weigh more than your adolescent son and eat more than he does, as well!

When you tend to go over the memories, you simply can't stop smiling with these thoughts. If the old saying, "You can't teach an old dog a new trick" is something that you truly believe in, then you might as well consider getting a puppy instead of an older dog so that you can teach him things you want him to adapt to as he grows older.

The natural features of the dog's breed becomes more visible as the dog is beginning to reach its maturity or as it passes the phase of being a puppy. Those fierce looking and intimidating watchdogs were also able to melt the hearts of their owners with their charming looks during the times when they were still just puppies. Once grown, that same dog can stare a hole through an intruder instantly and be prepared to protect his territory (and his owners).

As temperate as they may seem, those show dogs would surely require a lot of education to fully harness their skills. If you want the show dog to execute on command, letting him be spoiled for quite some time particularly in between training can be just confusing to the dog. Dogs who have special skilss take those roles seriously.

To keep a sense of the pup pet for a lifetime, you can choose a small lap dog. A frequent touch and clinging on to its keepers are just some of the things that a range of dog breeds are fond of doing and are satisfied with.

They have the patience to sit with idle owners for hours in front of the TV. In fact, adult dogs are better off with any kind of inactivity and they have more patience compared to when they were pups. Being a pup is more like going through the stage of being a young child - it's a time for exploring, running and making mistakes.

Observing new things is just what most pups are so excited about - that recalling your commands is something that they would have a trouble dealing with. They wander around, even outside the protective boundaries of your yard.

Life with a puppy can be both wonderful and exhausting. Like any creatures in this world, a puppy would dearly want your love and care, so deal with him with due respect and all the gentleness that you can give while you are in the mode of trying to penalize him. Pups coming from the same breed don't guarantee the thought that they can actually be the same so you can't just compare their traits as each has their own distinct characteristics.

Each puppy has its own character and abilities, so during his training, he will improve in a way that is based in his own pace and not identical to the pace that his siblings had gone through or to the dog that you owned previously. Either way, dogs can turn into adults who seem to get on your nerves with their irritating behaviors that were once as pleasing and as fascinating as babies, just like the way humans are. So having a dog means committing all your love for him just the way you do with your other loved ones all throughout your life.

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