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Types of dog clothing

Many types of dog clothing are used for different reasons. A practical reason to use dog clothing is to keep a small, shorthaired dog warm. Much of the use of dog clothing is merely because the dog owner likes the dog clothing.

The pricing of dog clothing varies as much as the available types of dog clothing. Dog sweaters can be found as cheaply as less than ten dollars while designer dog clothing can cost over one hundred dollars for an article of dog clothing.

The typical design of a dog sweater fits snugly around the neck, front legs, and chest of the dog while the bottom of the sweater lies on the dog's back. Dog sweaters that are sold in pet stores are typically very thin, small pieces of knitted cloth that fit around the dog with strings. Some may have neck and arms holes, but they do not usually resemble regular sweaters like designer and handmade sweaters often do.

Some small, shorthaired dogs may need the extra warmth from a dog sweater. Dog sweaters are often used on other dogs if the dogs are to spend time outdoors in cold weather.

Many colors and styles of dog sweaters are available. Dog sweaters by designers are typically classic styles and may even have leather "elbow" patches. A dog owner that wants a whimsical or brightly colorful dog sweater may want to look at small businesses since their sweaters tend to be of these casual styles.

Many dog owners enjoy dressing their dogs in dog costumes for Halloween. Fairies, angels, and witches are examples of types of Halloween dog costumes. There are also dog costumes for other holidays.

Dog t-shirts are available through small businesses and brand name designers. Many dog t-shirts have whimsical prints. The prices of dog t-shirts is significantly higher for designer dog apparel.

Dog clothing is often only made for small dogs. Some small businesses will make dog clothing according to the specific measurements of the dog.

A large variety of dog clothing can be found by searching a search engine on the Internet. Not many articles of dog clothing are typically sold at pet stores. Ralph Lauren, Juicy Couture, and other designers that make dog clothing sell their dog clothing through their websites.

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