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What to look for in a Yorkie rescue center

Abused and abandoned little dogs like a Yorkshire Terrier can really break your heart and if you see one that is abused and abandoned then you should contact the local Yorkie rescue center to make sure that the little dog gets the help it needs.

However you may want to do a little research first because if you use a Yorkie rescue center that does not have the resources necessary to help the little dog then you could be moving the dog to a situation that is not much better than the one it was in.

One of the things any good Yorkie rescue center is going to need is a relationship with a qualified vet. Rescuing a Yorkie without the services of a vet available is almost impossible and turning a Yorkie over to a Yorkie rescue center that has no vet services available is not a good thing. So ask about that before you let them take the dog.

There is no effective Yorkie rescue center without qualified people so be sure that the people working in the Yorkie rescue center you are talking to seem competent and experienced enough to deal with many of the critical situations that can come up during a Yorkie rescue. It is a difficult and thankless job sometimes, but if the people doing the job don't know what they are doing then the dog's situation can go from bad to worse and that is something you do not want happening.

Sometimes it helps if the Yorkie rescue center has a relationship with local Yorkie breeders as well. In many cases the better Yorkie breeders will offer to help find homes for abused or abandoned Yorkies and this is a great resource for any Yorkie rescue center. So ask the center you are talking to if they have any connections to the local Yorkie breeders in your area.

Many of the animal rescue groups in your area all work together towards the common goal of helping abandoned or abused animals, so you may find that the Yorkie rescue center you are talking to is part of that network.

This is a good thing because sometimes a center may not have all of the resources it needs to help their rescued dogs and if they are teamed up with the other animal rescue groups then they can use those resources to get the assistance they may need.

Abused and abandoned pets need our help and if you see an abused or abandoned Yorkie then contact a Yorkie rescue center immediately. Always keep an eye open to see what kind of organization it is to help make sure that it can get the dog the help it needs and also be able to give it a second chance with a new home.

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