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What you should know about heartworm medicine for dogs

So what exactly are heart worms, and why do I hear that they are so deadly to dogs? First off, let me explain that a heartworm is a long parasitic creature that lives on its host for food. In other words, these 6" to 14" long worms live inside of your dogs heart as they feed and grow larger.

Heartworm disease is likely to be deadly if there is not some form of protection present that would prevent the optimal environment for miniture heart worms, or microfilirae, to multiply and thrive in. If allowed to, microfilirae, or heartworm larvae, will enter and unprotected dog and cause heart worm disease because the conditions inside the dog are such that it encourages the heartworm to grow and thrive.

The question you might be asking now is exactly what is heart worm disease and how can you prevent your precious pooch from getting it? The first step in protecting Fido is to make sure you are providing a good preventative medicine that eradicates the environment in which these parasites thrive in.

Providing your pooch with heart worm medication will allow their body to automatically reject the heartworm larvae, causing them to die off instead of being able to survive. Heartworm disease is ultimately fatal if you are not using some type of preventative medicine. The market is saturated with these types of medications, but there is one specifically that is well regarded and works great.

These days there are a ton of different heart worm medicines for dogs. You can find treat-like chewable heart worm pills, gels that you place on the dogs tongue and even things that are required to be place near the dogs not so pleasant areas. Each one of these medicines work as directed so just be sure to pick the one that best suits your lifestyle and makes it easy to treat your dog and protect them from heart worms.

Heart worm pills for dogs are another option that can give your pooch the protection against heartworms by getting a pill once a month. If the medicine is in your dogs blood stream it is an immediate stop against heart worms and you are not going to have to worry about Rover getting any nasty parasites from the outside.

Heartworms can be contracted from many places such as other dogs, animals such as cats or squirrels, and most likely from small mosquito bites. Having your dog on a preventative heartworm pills for your dogs is the most successful way to keep your dog healthy and safe.

The well known heart worm medication for dogs mentioned previously is Interceptor. Interceptor is amazing and pretty much the best thing since the wheel. It is available in various forms from a chewable treat to a once a month pill to a liquid or gel that is placed on the dogs neck to prevent the mosquitos from landing on him. The gel that is placed on the neck is the best option if you live near swampy areas because mosquitoes are the largest carrier for the heart worm larvae mentioned previously.

In conclusion, your dog does not have to die as a result of heartworm disease. There are excellent heartworm preventatives on the market. Preventing this deadly disease is the best way to show your dog just how much you care.

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