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Why is natural healing the right choice for your pet?

Quite simply, the natural approach to healing is very different from the conventional approach. It does not matter if the health issue is as routine as dog diarrhea, or as devastating as cat cancer.

Conventional Treatment

Conventional treatment relies on pharmaceutical medications to treat illness. Never mind that such therapies were not created to cure the illness, but incredulously, to suppress it. It is no secret that medications have side effects; the worst of which is that if medication is taken over a long period of time, it begins to override your pets' natural defense systems.

When drugs are used to take the place of a natural defense system, that system eventually atrophies. This sentences your pet to a lifetime of medication, and its side effects. Not only does this diminish your pets' quality of life, it also reduces their life expectancy.

Natural Treatment

For those who blindly rely on conventional treatment, the natural approach seems absurd, yet many who have switched proclaim "miracles" for their pets!

The natural approach is based on the knowledge that "we are what we eat!" and that the primary cause of illness is due to nutritional deficiencies. If your pet is not getting the nutrients, enzymes, vital lipids, amino acids, minerals and meat proteins it needs, eventually it will become sick, and diseased.

When a holistic veterinarian examines a symptom, they have a pretty good idea which internal defense systems have been compromised. They then prescribe a complement of nutrients that will target those systems. These remedies are non-toxic, and have no side effects. If a prescription medication is required, it will be for a very short duration, and complemented with healing remedies to offset the side effects.

While this may seem simplistic, animals do not get sick over night. By the time you see outward signs, chances are several systems have been compromised. Several steps may be required (with some ups and downs along the way) before complete recovery is achieved.

Genetic Predisposition

Genetic Predisposition is a condition whereby specific breeds are known to develop specific health issues or conditions, like German Shepherds and hip dysplasia.

The origins of any health condition can be traced to nutrient deficiencies over time. After several generations are administered medication targeted to suppress the symptoms, the future litters' natural defense systems are barely functioning.

The good news is that proper diet and supplementation will not only minimize the risk of genetic predisposition, but if adhered to over several generations, the genetic predisposition in that lineage will begin to reverse itself!

As you can see, whether your pet succumbs to a genetic disposition, or not, depends on you!

Diet and Illness

Diet means a lot more than which brand of commercial pet food you choose. The first thing you need to know is that your cat or dog is primarily a raw meat eater. The bulk of their diet needs to be quality meat protein, not protein derived from grains as is common to all commercial pet food. What little meat is contained in commercial pet foods is graded unfit for human consumption! But somehow, it is ok for your pet. WHAT?

Although many commercial pet food labels include vitamin and mineral supplements, the type of supplements they include are of inferior quality, and not easily absorbed.

Diet and Health

Think about this: If your pets' diet includes quality meat protein, and digestive supplements essential to optimize their GI and Immune systems, it should not get sick in the first place!

Cats and dogs food requirements are very basic. Primarily, they are meat eaters. If you have a large dog, you could mix some vegetables and grains to make the meat go farther, but do not use wheat or soy, which are known allergens.

Whatever diet you choose, you need to include moisture-activated supplements*, * Moisture-activated supplements become active as soon as they are wet. Incorporating such supplements into dry food at manufacture is not good either, as dry foods readily absorb moisture from the air. High potency supplements must be added just before feeding your pet.like soil-based microflora, to maintain GI balance, multivitamin/mineral complex and essential oils that nourishes a variety of organs and immune defense systems. Older pets also need digestive enzymes.

Can I Do This Myself?

Since natural remedies are proven to nourish the body back to health, doesn't it make sense that incorporating natural nutrients into your pets' daily feedings should prevent them from getting sick in the first place? BINGO!

However, unless you have a sound nutritional background, we recommend that you work with professionals to develop a regimen best suited for your pets.

Should you feel confident that you can oversee this without assistance, be mindful that even among all natural and organic supplements, the quality and bioavailability vary widely. Buyer Beware!

If You Think the Natural Approach Sounds Expensive…

People routinely spend thousands of dollars on tests, surgeries and medications in hopes of restoring their pets' health. The cost of better food and highest quality supplements is considerably less. Switching to a holistic vet is not just less expensive; you will have a much greater probability of restoring and maintaining the health of your pets!

Healthy Pets are Happy Pets

Health and happiness are key ingredients to living a longer life. Not only will you benefit by having healthier happier pets, they will live an average of 5-7 years longer!

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