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Your vet can diagnose a dog illness quickly and effectively

No matter how strong the bond we may feel for our pet - barks still do not translate to intelligible words for the well-meaning but clueless human being. Because animals are not able to express their pain and discomfort adequately, it is up to the responsible pet owner to recognize symptoms that will help accurately diagnose a dog illness.

As we continue to learn more about this topic, you will notice that several conditions are actually easily treatable. You would not even need medication but only natural remedies for dogs to address them. Natural remedies are preventive as well as curative - saving you plenty of dollars of costly drugs and fees. Not only that, you will also save your pet from incessant chemicals in his system that will probably damage his system in the long run.

Perhaps the most common irritant to our canines are fleas. While these are not a sickness in itself, some of these pesky ticks carry harmful bacteria that are the origin of diseases like Lyme disease and heartworm. Parasites are also sometimes the cause for heart, liver and neurological problems.

The solution to this is easy - regularly bathe and groom your dog. A citrus spray or drops of essential oils over his bedding and furniture will go a long way in repelling the nasty tick. Be especially observant during the summer months and run a fine tooth comb over his coat frequently. Mix an equal amount of tea tree oil and water and apply this liberally over infected areas.

Monitor the canine for unusual behavioral and physical changes. Fever of more than 102 degrees Fahrenheit, disinterest in food, lethargy, fainting, trembling and loss of balance are factors that your vet might want to look into more thoroughly. He will need your input on the characteristics and time period of when these symptoms began manifesting as well.

vet holding puppyAlso, check if your pet is exceptionally thirsty or is having to urinate a lot lately. Often, this is a symptom of an internal problem that his immune system is trying to correct. Discharge in the eyes, ears or nose may mean that he has a respiratory problem that needs medical attention. The best natural remedies for dogs are maintaining their health with nutritional food replete with needed vitamins and nutrients.

Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Zinc and Omega-3 fatty acids are some nutrients that boost the canine's immune system. They have antiviral properties that encourage healthy white blood cells, energy production and resistance to infection. A good source of these minerals can be attained through fresh and natural ingredients in his meals.

It is also important that the dog receives sufficient rest and exercise to stay healthy. Moderate physical exercise keep the cardiovascular system in good working condition. Make sure to observe your pet carefully. If he seems tired and always sleepy, he might be suffering from a sickness that should not be aggravated with exercise.

It is recommended that you are able to correctly diagnose a dog illness?however, always consult your vet for final analysis. Maintain a nutritional diet and a clean environment for your pet's best health.

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