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Zymox for dogs: The solution for canine ear mite symptoms

Ear mites affect both dogs and cats, and Zymox Pet is designed specially to treat this condition.  You will probably know if your pet has ear mite problems by the behavior he or she displays. If your pet starts shaking his head violently or won't stop scratching at his ears, even to the point where he is crying out because it is painful, you are probably dealing with ear mites.

You are probably asking what an ear mite is. Deep in the ear canal is the home of small parasites known as ear mites.  They penetrate the skin to feed on the blood supply, resulting in swelling and pain for your pet. Yeast and bacterial infections are in store for your pet if you don't take action against an ear mite problem.

In the worst case scenario, an untreated ear mite problem may result in loss of hearing. Bad news if you have more than one pet too as ear mites can be passed from one animal to another.  Ear mite infections are a particular problem in places where there are large numbers of animals, such as pounds, boarding kennels and breeders.

The best advice is to treat the whole group for ear mites simultaneously.

Although both dogs and cats may contract ear mites, you should take special car if you are the proud owner of a spaniel as their glorious long haired long ears are especially attractive to ear mites.

Luckily there are treatments to help get rid and prevent ear mite infections. PNP Healthy Ears Ear Cleanser for Dogs is made from a range of mild and gentle components that softly rid the ear of dirt and wax and other discharge from the ear.  Ideal for post-swimming, and mild enough for regular use, this Cleanser comes with a special nozzle, making it clean and easy to use.

Lambert Kay Ear Rite Insecticidal Ear Wash is another great ear cleaner product in the battle against ear mite infections.  Use it to clean the outer areas of the ear in order to stop infection taking hold. To combat yeast infections and mites, ClearQuest Ear Powder is a good solution.  It is suitable for both dogs and cats and helps to control odor and keep ears dry and therefore more resistant to yeast infections. Ear wipes from ClearQuest make quick work of keeping your pet's ears healthy.

Formulated with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal components, infections are kept at bay. They come in a convenient container which means clean and easy storage and no waste. Dr Golds Extra Gentle Ear Therapy for dogs and cats is another option to clean your pet's ears quickly, cleanly and effectively.  Because it's made with tea tree oil and witch hazel, you can rest assured you are cleaning your pet's ear with a product that contains natural ingredients.

A stronger alternative is Zymox Ear Drops.

With a natural substance that kills mites, it will speedily resolve your pet's mite problems. This product comes strongly recommended from breeder and people who show dogs. If the situation has gotten really bad and your are struggling to cope with repeated or severe infections you need something with some punch, such as Zymox Drops.  Seven days of treatment should resolve a nasty case of ear mites, but double it for repeated ear mite issues. Use Otic Drops to keep your pet's ears clean and mite free.

Keep your eyes open for the first signs of ear mites and deal with the infection before it becomes a problem.

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