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Best Dog Food - Homemade Dog Food Your Dog Will Love

Do you know why dogs are so amazing? They are very loyal and enjoyable to have around the house. More importantly, they love you unconditionally-whether or not you took that bath this morning. Well OK, they love you whatever you look like but do you want to know a way for him to love you even more? Simple, feed him delicious homemade dog treats every day.

Alright, there are a few people who actually think that this is manipulative. Rest assured that it is not. Just think-- our dogs are not endowed with the same logical mental faculties that we humans have (well, most of us anyway). Therefore, the way to train them and bring them up properly is through operant conditioning.

For those of you who are not familiar with operant conditioning, this is rewarding good behavior with positive attention and yummy treats. You will find that a good dog cookie recipe will be handy just about this time. There is nothing like a great cookie to get your furry friend jumping on hoops and rolling around at your command.

dog foodGenerally, human and canine treats are very similar. However you must be aware of some ingredients that you cannot serve the dog. For instance you will find no dog cookie recipe with chocolates in it. Why? It is because while chocolates are a literal taste of heaven for many of us-for the dog it will be toxic to him.

So what are these ingredients that we must take care to avoid other than chocolates? Well, for sweet treats you should not include grapes, raisins and macadamia nuts to name a few. Use peanut butter instead. Keep away from serving baby food to the canine also as it is said to be bad for his digestive system.

An excessive amount of onions and garlic are also detrimental to the dog's health. If you want to feed him a savory treat, bake pieces of chicken or any organ liver until they are hardened. Flavor it with a little garlic or any other mild spice of your preference. Lay on some cheese atop the biscuit and you have yourself a treat worth training for.

Some people think making homemade dog treats are not worth the trouble. After all, you can always run to the grocery and get a pack of dry kibble anytime. It is a lot more convenient and more practical. Well, it may be easier to pour out food on the doggie dish but homemade fare are definitely healthier and really, it tastes better for your pet-isn't that worth making them for?

The dog appreciates not just the treat but the anticipation and the loving attention he is getting from you. Remember this the next time you whip up another delectable batch of treats for your pet. As you keep on this path for your canine's best welfare-you will enjoy a stronger bond than you could ever imagine.

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