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Dog nutrition and health

High quality food nutrition is important for your dog. When selecting and buying food for your dog, it can be tricky to select the right product that is the best for your dog's health. If you expect to get 100% balanced and complete nourishment for your dog, you'll have to read the label scrupulously prior to buying.

Just as human beings need a balanced diet to maintain their fitness so do our dog friends. Pets should not be deprived of the same essentials we offer ourselves and understanding how to judge the proper nourishment levels in pet food is the best choice for your pet.

Significant Factors in Dog Food Nutrition

Your pets diet should be created from a mixture of ingredients providing 100% of the complete and balanced nutritional needs. The term, 100% Complete and Balanced pet food nutrition, signifies the bare representation of the quantity of fiber, protein, fat and moisture present in the pet food, together with the essential vitamins and minerals.

Worth Over Price?

On occasions value can be easily judged by the cost of the product. If the local supermarket charges $8 for a 50lb bag of pet food then you have a perfect right to question its nutritional value. Do you think such bags offer 100% complete and balanced nutrition as it claims on the outside the bag? At the same time, the patron may look at a smaller bag of pet food that's priced higher and wonder the same. Pet foods regularly offer ingredient and nutrition labels to better judge the value of the food for the pet under consideration.

Meat or Grain Protein?

Though dogs are typically described as carnivores, they are more properly described as omnivores, which implies they can adjust to a wide selection of foods in their diet from high level protein to a lower level of protein and grains.

The quality of a dog food nutrition is essentially depends upon the ingredients. If the pet food includes foods having grain-based proteins like wheat, soya and corn to assure the highest protein levels, the pet food may not be of the very best quality. While grains do provide nutrition for pet foods, they also, at the same time, put unwarranted stress on the digestion of pets.

Meat based proteins, on the other hand, are good for pets who enjoy the taste and texture of beef. The effect on the bowel is small with beef based proteins.

As a humans diet varies, so should the diets of our dogs. Pets won't wish to choose the same meal day by day. The difference is that we ask for what we need and a pet can not. Try to understand what they need and select what's best suited for your pet. The more nutritional and sensible foods you give to your pets, the healthier and stronger they'll grow.

It is important to bear in mind there are a lot of foods that could be dangerously lethal to a dog. These include (but are not limited to) chocolate, raisins and grapes, and macadamia nuts. This is really vital to remember when there are small children in the family, who could, as an example; unintentionally poison a dog with a 'treat ' of chocolate.

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