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How to put your dog through a diet program successfully

There is an increasing concern among dog owners to put their dogs on a healthier diet program because of obesity issue, and many reports, which suggest that commercial dog food, are unhealthy for dogs. Nevertheless, this good intention is usually not accomplish with the right action and many of these dog diet programs started by the owners simply fail to realize them. These dog diet program fail primary because dog owners do not follow them strictly.

Owners often wonder hard why their diet program fail and often blamed it on the dogs, sadly enough, they fail to realize that dogs do not make decisions on what food to eat and the feeding decision is often solely make by the owners themselves.

On the other hand, poor human decision-making and ill discipline are not the only reasons for a failed dog diet program. Sometimes a dog might have other issues that contribute to dietary problems. Stress is a common factor that influences a dog’s diet, unlike human; a stressed dog tends to eat lesser food.

Your dog might also have a digestive problem and might not be able to digest food properly. Illnesses that contribute to these symptoms include liver disease, diabetes, and some other issues that lead to insufficient use of nutrients provided by the food.

Another possible reason for diet failure might be undetected physical health problem such as arthritis or hip dysplasia. These problems would reduce the activity level of dogs and help them gain extra weight if they were to be fed the same diet as before. Same goes to dogs that are suffering from muscular related issues that reduce their zest.

Bad habits like chewing can also lead to the failure of dog diet programs. Chewing is an emotionally satisfying activity to bored dogs and a dog that is often leave with nothing to do will find things and food to chew on in order to pass time.

To help manage your dog diet program, you should try to feed on a fixed schedule, rather than to leave a bowl of food for your dog at all time. Be discipline and follow the diet program strictly. If you think that the above mention examples are not the reasons to affect your failed diet program, consult a veterinary for advice. He might be able to diagnose the problem and offer you a better solution.

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Thursday, 30 November 2023

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