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Making health choices for your dog

Being a dog owner is a job with many responsibilities, an important one being choosing the idea diet for the dog. If the decision is to go with a commercial dog food brand, then it is imperative to read the ingredients label. The first and largest ingredient in the food has to be a form of protein, of which chicken, beef, lamb are good sources. A well-balanced dog food comprises of 50% meat with vegetables following closely at 40% and the remaining 10% from grains.

Preservatives in commercial dog food products can be a source of worry. Some of them are known to be rather harmful, especially when consumed in large quantities and over a long period of time. It never hurts to check with the local vet and follow advice on any reliable website catering to dog care before deciding on the brand that would work best for your dog.

A wide range of high quality dog foods are now available in the stores. Most shop assistants are eager to answer any doubts and it is a good idea to discuss your choice with them. In doing so, you might be led to some better products that cater to the overall health and care of dogs. Your dog's health and well-being can only benefit from such an exploration

Another option is to cook the dog's food at home just like the rest of the family. There are many recipes and suggestions for dog food easily available on the Internet for the adventurous dog-owners but the nutrition ration of the food needs to remain the same. Meat being the most important ingredient should make half of it while vegetables comprise of 40% and the remainder 10% with grains. This would give the dog all the benefits available from commercial dog-food. Do ensure that the meat is cooked properly, as also the rice, oatmeal and grains.

Some dog-owners put their dogs on a vegetarian diet. While this is not harmful, it is good to keep in perspective that by nature dogs are carnivorous and perform best with meat in their diet. A vegetarian dog also is in danger of becoming a finicky eater when bored with the meat-less diet.

You also need to watch for signs of a multitude of dog food allergies. A few of these signs are: Itchy skin, ear infections that seem continual, hair loss, Increase in bowel movements, and constant itching. You would be wise to watch for these signs

After you know the ratio's of dog food, your experiments may start until you come across something that your dog cannot live without. Never season any of your dog's food and always keep in mind that chocolate, garlic, onions, avocados, grapes, raisins and mushrooms can be catastrophic for your pet. Not using these items can make it easier in making your healthy dog - dog food friendly.

You dog's cuisine is only limited by your imagination. And there are countless ways to give your dog a loving treat - by checking labels of the commercial brands, or making a special dish at home that is completely organic and balance. A happy dog is always a well-fed dog and monitoring the dog's diet will ensure many years of shared happiness between you and your animal companion.

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