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Shih Tzu: The best care and diet

If you're like most Shih Tzu owners, your dog is more of a family member than a pet, and you want to do everything you can to prolong your dog's life. Shih Tzu's live fifteen years or longer, and your Shih Tzu's care can add years to its life. Shih Tzu care means finding the best Shih Tzu diet.

You should keep feeding your Shih Tzu puppy the same food as the breeder provided. Any changes in diet should be made gradually. Soon your growing puppy will want more, and then it's time to start her on a diet of premium dog food. The amount you feed depends on your dog's weight, so weigh your growing dog at least once a week until her weight stabilizes.

The best Shih Tzu diet is fresh food you cook for your dog. Simply saute ground chicken, beef, or lamb, stir in cooked brown rice, and serve-your dog will love it! Small pieces of cooked meat or vegetables are perfect to feed as dog treats. Avoid raw hides and pig ears, as these foods are hard to digest and may damage your dog's digestive system.

The key to making Shih Tzu care easy is to keep up with maintenance chores. Therefore, your dog's eyes, ears, mouth, feet, and coat should be regularly inspected for problems. Watch the eyes for excessive watering or redness. Keep the hair around your dog's eyes trimmed, or tie the hair up away from the eyes with a ribbon to keep the eyes from getting irritated. Clean your dog's ears using cotton balls dipped in a cleaning solution you can get from your veterinarian. Report any redness or bleeding to the vet.

Shih Tzus are instantly recognizable by their long, flowing coats. The best way to ensure that your Shih Tzu's coat remains free from mats and snarls is to brush your dog every single day. This can be a pleasant task for you and your dog if you use "lap time" to brush your dog.

Every dog needs veterinary care, and the Shih Tzu is no different. However, small dogs tend to have fewer health problems than larger dogs, and if you have owned large breeds before, you may be pleasantly surprised by how easily your Shih Tzu health will be to maintain.

At your Shih Tzu's first appointment, the veterinarian will examine the dog's eyes, ears, mouth, and coat, and will listen to the dog's heart and bowel sounds. This is a perfect time to talk to your vet about the best Shih Tzu diet, as you may wish to purchase dog food and vitamins from your veterinarian.

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